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   Chapter 22 After Three years

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3335

Updated: 2020-01-26 10:06

It's been three years but Jason was still not able to find a single clue about Sara. He had hired around 15 best detectives to look for Sara. He was sure that there was someone helping Sara in hiding her information. The day he get to know about that person he will shot that person in his head, he sent people to India also to look for Sara but didn't get any success. Zack entered Jason's office knocking with an old man he was one of the detectives that he had hired. Zack said "Boss we had received few clues from our Mafia link and this detective worked on it and got the information of Madam Sara"

Jason was very happy finally after three years he will be able to see his Sara he got the file from detective his hands were trembling while opening the file one the first page it was her recent picture and she looked more beautiful she was wearing an off shoulder sky blue color top and jeans and her hair were tied in a high ponytail, he was gloomy after seeing the photo how can she were su

tigate all but never got any answer. His private jet got ready and he boarded, he was not able to sleep as his mind was wandering with different thoughts what if Sara married someone I will kill that person on the spot who dare to touch my Sara, I will destroy his family how dare he marry my beloved wife, he never signed the divorce paper in fact he torn the papers immediately. It was along flight to Shanghai he wanted to go to Sara's home but he didn't have the address till now so he went to hotel after landing and he completed all the documentation of overtaking the company over the weekend he was eagerly waiting for Monday when he will be able to Sara.

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