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   Chapter 21 Thousand pieces of heart

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 4352

Updated: 2020-01-26 10:01

Sara didn't had good feeling about it because Zack never behaved like this before and opened the door and the seen infront of her broke her heart in thousand pieces, Rose was kissing Jason, the moment door opened Jason pushed Rose away and headed towards Sara, Sara entered room took the lunch on the table and said with tears dripping on her cheeks" I cooked for you, please have it take care love you" saying that she turned away and started walking Jason hold her waist and said "it's not what you think, please listen to my explanation please honey" Sara had a sad and week smile on her face and was about to say something but Rose shouted " Jason, please help I am bleeding" Jason released Sara and headed to Rose picked her in his arms and ran towards the door and said to Sara "wait for me at home" ad left.

Sara cried like crazy all the to home she reached home and before getting out she composed her emotions and brought a smile on her face and called the whole staff to have lunch with her and made everyone sit on dinning and hall and served food to all and Lora and Harry also, after having lunch everyone headed towards their work but soon realized something was wrong as they all were feeling sleepy and all slept in ten minutes. Sara signed the divorce papers and kept it on the side tab

aw a document on side table of his bed, he picked it and when he saw the content he was fuming with anger how can his Sara divorce him for a silly misunderstanding this time he will find her punish her she had gone overboard this time, why did she not waited for him to explain, he didn't understand why things turned this way all of sudden Rose came to his office and said that she needs his help to get divorce from her husband because he had an affair and was asking her to abort her child and she didn't wanted to, he agreed to help her not because he had any feeling for her but for the child sake, he just wanted to protect and innocent sole, why Sara why you didn't trust me, why you didn't wait for my explanation why!why!why, he banged his hand on the wall and said to himself "you can never go away from me my Sara, you are born for me and I will find you"

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