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   Chapter 20 Rose & Jason at Gynecologist

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2444

Updated: 2020-01-22 21:06

Next day was Sara's monthly check which Lora reminded after Sara blacked out first time when Jason was not in town then this was monthly routine for her Lora also proposed that she will accompany Sara but Sara denied and went to hospital in the morning once she was done with the

Test and preparing to leave she thought she heard a familiar voice while passing a gynecologist consulting room she stopped and tried to look in their Rose was seating with Jason and talking to doctor about her pregnancy, Sara was not able to believe her eyes and ears, Rose was three months pregnant it was the exact three months from her and Jason's marriage she thought she should barge in the room and ask Jason but she her legs were not moving

ot to show on her face, but her tears were ditching her, she wiped her tears many times hiding it from Lora and Harry, she packed lunch for Jason and left for his office receptionist didn't stopped her as she was familiar with her so Sara reached directly to Jason's office which was on 66th floor, when lift opened Zack came to her and greeted her Sara just smiled and headed to Jason's office but Zack stood infront of her tried to stop her saying that Jason is in important meeting.

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