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   Chapter 18 One More Parcel

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 4484

Updated: 2020-01-21 20:04

Sara was just watching TV to cut the time when doorbell rang one of the servant opened the door it was a parcel for Sara. She didn't had a good feeling now she took the parcel from servant and headed to her room without showing any discomfort to anyone and Lora and Harry as well, when she reached her room she locked her door and sat on sofa and opened the parcel with shaking hands this time there were some photos and a letter "Miss Sara seems like you didn't trust my first letter so sending you few photos of your beloved husband with love of his life, we will not play this hide and seek game for longer you will see from your own eyes that how much Jason loves Rose, " Oh !! Rose I forgot to tell you about his first love ok her name is Rose, you can she her photos with Jason in the parcel and also see the love for each other in their eyes. Your well- wisher" Sara started looking at photos one by one with trembling hands and teary eyes in photos they were standing close to each other kissing, hugging and in some photos even more close. She was not able to control emotions she cried her heart out for hours. She got call from Jason he informed her that he is going for a business trip for a week.

Sara was lying in her room lifeless her mind was blank she didn't know what to do shall she ask Jason about it, what if he denies or

it was the first time staying away from you" they chatted whole day. Sara was discharge from hospital on same day as she only suffered weakness which can be taken care at home also.

They went home had their dinner Jason feed food to Sara as he wanted to compensate for his mistake for avoiding Sara because of his work, Jason helped Sara taking bath and they went to bed he took Sara in his arms and also noticed that Sara was behaving different, but he thought may because of the illness she suffered and said to her "love from today onwards I will feed you breakfast, lunch and dinner with my own hand I can't she my sweetheart getting week, if you get how will you carry our child" Sara was in dilemma what is going on in her surrounding on one hand she was getting his photos with other girl and on other hand he was taking a lot care of her she was not able to decide whom to believe.

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