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   Chapter 15 Wedding Night

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 4127

Updated: 2020-01-19 14:51

When Sara wore the gown it was very reviling which she was not very comfortable but she had no other option. When she opened the door Jason was out of his senses for few minutes when she passed him going towards her bed but Jason came back to senses suddenly and grabbed her by her waist and pushed her to the bed and pinned her under him. He started kissing her forcefully avoiding her struggle. He was not able to control himself and wanted to eat her alive, she didn't even know when he took of her and his cloths. Initially she was struggling but few moments later she stopped struggling and gave up as she didn't have more energy to struggle and the fact was she also liked him. He was like a wild beast who wanted to absorb her soul, night was growing with the moans which were arousing him like animal. He let her go around 4 am in the morning and took her to bath cleaned himself and her and brought her to bed took her in his arm and slept but he was still not feeling satisfied and wanted to tormate her more but he knew it was her first time and she won't be able to handle it. He suppressed his desires and slept. Next morning when she work up she was in his arms when she tried to get up but a sharp pain shoot every part of

ments he burned the letter and headed to his home, while going back he had his full plan ready to protect his Sara. Once he reached home he saw Sara was seating on the sofa, she smiled seeing Jason, and her smile took breath of Jason. He forgot all his worries just seeing her smiling. He changed his shoes and went to Sara sat next to her hugged her kissed her on her lips. Sara was shy she hide her face in his broad chest Jason felt the warm holding her in his arms. He went to his room changed his cloths and went back to dining room, they had their dinner together and headed to their bedroom Sara went to bedroom and Jason headed to his study as he had many matters to attend. Once he entered his study he called Zack and asked him to inquire about sender of the letter and told him about the security arrangement.

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