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   Chapter 13 Escape Day

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2775

Updated: 2020-01-19 14:47

Next morning Sara informed Jason that she is going for shopping with Beny as it was the day of her escape as per plan she had to leave for shopping from shopping mall she had her escape plan.

Jason didn't mind her going to shopping as she was surrounded by his bodyguards. Sara & Beny were roaming in the shopping mall for few hours and now it was the time to execute Sara's escape plan.

They went to a cloth store and started shopping and trying dressed in while changing the dressed Sara changed her dress which was similar with Beny and put on a Burkha which covered her from head to toe. Beny was standing in a position where her back was at the gate of the shop where all the bodyguards were standing from their position they can see Sara's back so they were not on alert as Sara was infront of their eyes. Taking the op

hed on the TV what she saw on TV shocked her to hell. Her photos on all the news and millions dollars as reward whoever give info about her. She was happy that she haven't removed burkha infront of anyone till now so no one had seen her. She switched off the TV and tried to sleep as she had to continue her journey tomorrow. With that thought she slept, around 2 am in the morning Sara felt like she was picked up from her bed and she was in someone's arm but she was really sleepy person and slept again in deep sleep without giving a second though.

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