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   Chapter 10 One Week for Marriage

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Updated: 2020-01-17 15:07

On the other hand when Jason left his room for the first time and came out the of the hall he remembered that he forgot his phone in the room and when he came to the room he didn't see Sara and heard the water splashing sound from bathroom and started to search for his phone and next moment he saw her standing in front of him in bath towel he himself don't remember when he reached infront of her and he felt his body was on fire her body was white and pure eyes like a child and he just wanted take her at that moment and he kissed her like he wanted to suck her soul he didn't get any response from her side and he was bit upset on that but he also knew that she will need her time to accept him he just wanted that he should be able to hold on till that time when Sara is willing to be his women with all her soul. It took hell out of him to stop himself. He never wanted to leave her today but as they have just entered new business of advertisement and it needed his time so he had to leave Sara at home. He just wanted to finish his work as soon as possible and get back home to his Sara. He finished his m

for the consequences" Sara stopped and she held her breath also but her face was red like a fresh apple. Seeing her like this he smiled and said "Honey get ready we are going to register our marriage today" saying that headed to bathroom just before he was about to enter Sara said "can you please give me one weeks' time for this marriage?" Jason didn't speak for a moment and she was holding her breath waiting for reply then Jason said "ok exact after a week we register our marriage". She never thought that he will agree so easily and she will get time to run away from this force marriage. He got ready and they had breakfast together before leaving he said he "if you need something tell it to Aunt Lora" she just nodded positively.

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