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   Chapter 9 Mistress of The House

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Updated: 2020-01-17 15:06

Once they reached Jason's Manson, Sara was amazed seeing the wonderful house infront of her eyes, when they reached at the gate of the Manson Jason holds Sara's hand and starts walking to the door there were almost 10 servants on each side of the door bowing down in front of Jason, when they entered the hall an old couple came and bowed in front of Jason and had a question mark on face while looking at Sara. Sara was uncomfortable because of Jason holding her hand and on top of that weird look from elderly couple made her more uncomfortable she even tried to take her hands back from his grip but his hold was getting tighter wherever she tried to pull her hands so she was helpless. Jason said to elderly couple "Uncle Harry she is Sara mistress of this house we will register our marriage tomorrow" after saying this he said to Sara "come I will show you our room" when Sara heard him her mind was stuck on his word "our room" she wanted to say that she don't want to share room with him but by now she had understood that he will do what he likes and will not listen to her.

Jason dragged her upstairs and opened his bedroom door it was completely white theme and very neat & clean and entered room and told Sara "this is our room if you want to do any changes as per your likings you just tell it to Uncle Harry he will take care of it" Sara just nodded. He said "get freshen up and rest for some time once dinner is ready aunt Lora will call you I am going out will be late you sleep ti

e smiled and said "My Lady, I am just a servant I can't do that". Sara pouted and said "you are like Mum to me so you can have dinner with me, if you don't eat with me won't eat" after hearing her Lora had tears in her eyes she and Harry were couple but they dint had their own child when they started working for Jason he was in his teen age and they regarded him as their son and tried to best care of him. She sat on the chair opposite to Sara & said "I am ready very happy for Jason he chose the right person to be bride, he is really lucky to have you, My lady, My lord is a man of very few words he is not very good at expressing his love please be by his side always and was all alone his whole life now I am happy he have you" they chatted for some time and then Lora left the room and asked Sara to take rest moment she was about to step out of the room Sara said "Aunt Lora please call me Sara not My lady please" Lora nodded with smile and left. Sara went to bed and slept immediately.

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