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   Chapter 8 His Revenge

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 4030

Updated: 2020-01-17 15:03

When Sara opened her eyes and saw the surrounding which was not at all familiar she tried to seat immediately and a voice came "you are awake" when she turned her eyes towards the source of voice she found Jason who was walking towards her. She was very much afraid of him at this moment she thought all this happened because she slapped him, and he wanted to take revenge, so she immediately said in shaking voice "S..See..See Mr. Jason I am very sorry for what I did but please believe me it was not at all intentional, please forgive me I will never ever come infront of you please please forgive me" and while saying these words she closed her eyes unconsciously.

Jason till now didn't had any idea what to tell her when she wakes up, but he smiled as she woke up said these words an idea flashed in his mind and he went to her and sat beside her on the bed and said in a serious tone "I can let you leave only in one condition, if you accept it its fine otherwise you will have to go to jail because I will put case on you". Sara heard him and was stunned for moment she never thought that he will give her this big trouble. She asked him about the condition on which he will let her go with her shaki

rs and left the room saying that he has some urgent work to attend. After Scot left Sara was not feeling comfortable to be alone with Jason so she just kept the her head down and didn't raise it. Jason noticed this and sat next to her and asked what she wants to have in lunch Sara said she is a vegetarian so anything in veg in fine for her, after taking order from Jason waiter left the room. Jason was not a person of too many words but he wanted to talk a lot to Sara but didn't knew how to start he asked her casually "tell me about your family?" Sara didn't raise her head but told him everything about her family including her deceased mother. By that time their lunch had arrived, they had their lunch quietly. Both had many thoughts in their mind but didn't know how to share it to each other.

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