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   Chapter 7 Blackout

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3036

Updated: 2020-01-17 15:01

A black Aston Martin stopped at the gate and a black suited man opened the car gate and what Sara saw her eyes popped out of shock, and the man who came out was Jason Devis and he started walking towards Sara he was not able to take off his eyes from her she was so beautiful Jason felt like she was the most beautiful women in the world but when he noticed her hands in Akshay's hand he got furious and his face expression changed in an instance, he got his gun out and shot Akshay's hand which was holding Sara's hand. Everyone was startled and Akshay fell down on the ground leaving Sara's hand which is exactly what Jason wanted.

Seeing the fear on Sara's face Jason was not happy and this is not something he wanted but he didn't had any choice, he cannot let Sara be with someone else, when he reached to Sara taking long strides Sara was just standing frozen at her place. She came back to her senses

magine how much his friend loved Sara. Scot replied to Jason in a play voice "Yes, only if you want her to awake soon?" he just wanted to check his friends reply. Jason caught Scot's playful act and replied "I want her to be awake soon but I cannot say how long you be in coma" Scot understood that it was not time to act with Jason so he just said "yes if we give her injection so she will wake up soon and can have some food then she will fine soon don't you want that?" Jason nodded negatively and said "be quick than". Scot did the preparations for injection and gave injection in right hand of Sara

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