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   Chapter 5 Her Best Friend

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 3261

Updated: 2020-01-17 14:57

It's been two days for the incident and Jason was hell frustrated for his behavior he ended up doing what he don't wanted to. Now he was brought back to reality by his friends and he realized that he want Sara by his side at any cost. It was very much clear to him that he was deeply in love with her and wanted her by his side for whole of his life by hook or crook. He immediately called Zack to his cabin and asked him to bring Beny Sara's best friend to his cabin. In less than ten minutes Beny was standing in front of Jason, Beny was shivering because she knew about the incident and also about the slap which her bestie pasted on THE JASON's face, she thought she was going to fired, she was not much afraid of being fired but she was much bothered about the punishment which Jason might give to her as her friend has already left the country.

When Jason stood from his chair and came in front her she felt her heart stopped beating, she was expecting a slap on her face she closed her eyes in fear, but then Jason spoke " Where is Sara?"

Beny slowly opened her eyes but still she didn't had the guts to bring her head up and talk to Jason she was looking at her shoes before she could reply Jason's voice came again "Where the heck is Sara?" but this time his voice gave shivers to Beny from head to Teo she had heard a lot about him being merciless irrespective or man or women he would never be bothered to harm anyone. This time Beny immediately replied with shivering voice "She left to India on the same night". Jason was furious now he never thought in his dreams that he will scare her so much that left the


Jason came two step ahead and a bit closer to Beny, Beny on the other hand was holding on her breath, Jason asked her "When is coming back?" when Jason heard her answer he felt that the below his feet slept away for a moment. Bany replied "She will never come back as she will get married on two days" for some minutes Jason didn't knew what to say or ask as many thoughts were going on in his mind he then gathered a lot of courage and asked " Why she was here? How she is related to you? Is she in love with the guy she is getting married?" he had many thoughts in his mind but only few made its way to his tounge. Beny replied "She is my best friend, we became friends when I visited India five years ago, she came here as she wanted to enjoy some time away as she was about to get married" Jason was listening to her carefully an still wanted the answer for his last question but Beny didn't replied last question as it slipped from her mind because she was so much afraid of Jason, after waiting for few seconds Jason lost his patience and shouted and again asked Beny " Is she is love with that guy! Damn it! Answer my question"

Beny was taken a back and her breathing stopped for a moment and she replied with the scattered voice "N…No..No, it's an arrange marriage from her Dad".

Jason was at great relief now; he was beyond pissed just thinking about his Sara with anyone else in the world. But again his mind processed one thing said by Beny that she is getting married in two days, now he will have to do things at faster pace. He waved Beny to leave his office and discussed few things with Zack.

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