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   Chapter 4 First Kiss

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2250

Updated: 2020-01-17 14:59

Jason was at the waiting hall of the company and when he saw Sara he could not help and walked where she was standing and he reached Sara and greeted her with the formal greeting " Hello Miss, good evening". Sara responded with a smile and question mark on her face "Hi good evening, How may I help you? "Then Jason said "I have been watching you standing here, are you waiting for someone? Basically he just wanted to speak to her and he didn't have any concrete reason so he thought of talking like this. Sara replied his with a smile on her face "Yes, I am waiting for my friend, but may I know who you are? At that point of time Jason realized that he didn't introduced himself so he extended his hand said "I am Jason Devis CEO of Devis Group" Sara grasped opening her mouth and her eyes open widely. But her this action was so cute for Jason that he forgot everything about their surrounding and could not help taking Sara in his arms and kiss her lips with passion and may be love for which he was not clear with his thoughts till now, but he was sure that he wanted her at any cost, and Sara was shocked as hell and t

ried to push him but it was of no help, he didn't move even an inch and kept his kiss going on, when Sara was about to faint in lack of air then Jason left her, the moment she caught with her breath she slapped hard on Jason's face and ran as fast as she can while tears rolling down her cheeks.

Sara went to Devis Group to say her finale goodbye as she had her flight was in 4 hours, she went there with her luggage so that she will directly head to airport from there, but the things happened at the gate was beyond her imagination when Jason reached her formally she was really impressed with the way he spoke to her no doubt he was handsome and she liked talking to him, but then what he did to her she was not able to accept it.'

Sara went to airport and was waiting but her mind was full of the incident in the evening, she had been to washroom to wash her face multiple times as her tears were rolling down continuously. Than announcement for her flight was done and she boarded her flight back to her home which she was missing very much she just wanted to go home and forget everything that happened today.

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