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   Chapter 3 Seeing her everyday

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 1226

Updated: 2020-01-17 14:56

Only thought of seeing her every day gave Jason a happy feeling. Next day Jason again saw her and same thing happened but now Jason wanted to know more about her so he called Zack in his cabin and asked him to enquire about the girl and pointed towards the screen where exit gave CCTV was playing. In 2 hours Zack came back with the file in his hands and handed it over to Jason and he asked Zack to leave waving his hands.

When he opened the file he saw that her name was Sara and she was from India daughter of some business tycoon and a girl name Beny who was working in his company was Sara's best friend.

He was not much happy with the information but he felt relief that now he atleast know her name.

When on fifth day Jason saw Sara he felt like going down stairs and talk to her but at the same time he don't wanted to scare her away so he decided to take help of his friends and called three of his friends to Pub.

When his friends heard Jason, they were not able to believe their ears. But they just wanted happiness for his friend so they decided to help him. They told him different ways to talk to her and be polite and many more stuffs. Jason was not playboy type so this thing was not easy for him.

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