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   Chapter 2 An Innocent Face

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Updated: 2020-01-17 13:22

It took around 1 hour for him to reach the pub where they have decided to celebrate Carl's birthday.

Party was on, they were boozing but Jason was lost somewhere which only he knew, when his friends noticed they tried to ask him but he didn't said anything. After party when Jason reached his Manson, he went straight to his bedroom and took bath. When he was taking shower with every drop which fell on his body he kept his eyes closed and only thing comes to his mind was an innocent face with cute smile. He went out of shower with only towel wrapped on his body. After changing to his track pant he went to his study and engrossed himself in his work.

Sara who was waiting for her best friend at the gate of Devis Group waved her hands to her bestie Beny, actually Sara was from India and they met when Beny went to India on a vacation and they became best friend. When both the girls met they went for shopping and had their food in a restaurant and talked a lot of things and headed back to home.

Next Day

Once Jason reached his office he asked his secretary Andria to bring his black coffee, once he entered in his office with his special assistant Zack, he gave him some orders by that time Andria entered to th

e cabin with black coffee and some cookies and placed it on the table surrounded by luxuries sofa which was opposite to the working desk of Jason, he was heck busy today as he had many back to back meetings and matters to attend, he almost forgot to have lunch so Andrai had not ordered for him, Andrai worked for Jason for almost five years now & she knew him quite well.

Where others secretaries and women working in different departments get drooled by Jason's looks Andrai was different, she was very much professional and knew very well about her place and may be that was the reason that she was special secretary of Jason.

It was almost 6pm when Jason thought of taking a break, so he just stood from his chair and stood infront of the whole wall window from where whole city was visible. He just lighted his cigarette and took first puffed of his cigarette when his eyes fell on Sara at the exit gate of the company, he was not able to believe his eyes, he was continuously looking at her and after some time her friend came they hugged each other and left the company.

By now Jason understood that girl was coming to his office to pick her friend and he was happy that he will be able to see her every day

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