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   Chapter 1 Girl at office gate

Billionaires’ Love at First sight By Angela Characters: 2053

Updated: 2020-01-17 13:16

It was the end of a hectic day for all in Devis Group one of the biggest firm in Canada with hundreds of its branch in the world, and it was an early day off for Jason Devis the CEO of the company and also a leader of underworld of course his second identity was unknown to all expect the people who were very close to him and worked for him for his second identity.

It was Carl's birthday his best buddy and one of his only family member other than his other 2 friends Scot & Tex. Jason didn't have family apart from his 3 buddy's. Although he didn't have neither time nor interest for parties & all but he never wanted to disappoint his friends. He was known for his arrogance, ruthlessness, cruelty, merciless and his dominating behavior suited his personality but he was hell handsome, girls just wanted to get be his girlfriend but he was never interested in all of them.

For him love was shattered when his first love betrayed him and after that he lost his interest and trust in girls although his friends tried

a lot of blind dates and other ways to his interest in girls but never succeeded.

It was 6pm when all the employees were leaving which was not usual for him but he left his cabin and entered his private lift as he don't wanted to be late for Carls' birthday celebration.

When the driver of his car was taking our the car from the basement parking and was heading to the main gate that's when Jason who was engrossed in checking mails just looked out of his car and what he saw brought a smile on his face, a girl was standing the gate and the way she was looking at the exit of the company it seems like she was waiting for her friend, he saw she was so simple wearing a skin fir jeans and white loose shirt with a cute smile on her face as she was talking so someone and she just raised her hand to greet her friend who just exited the company by the Jason turned to whom she was greeting his card exited the card and was on main road, that's when he realized that how he was lost in the looks of that innocent girl.

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