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   Chapter 319 This Time, It Will Be A Lifetime (Part One)

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Fiona raised her head and looked at Ryan. They nodded to each other and said nothing.

Spencer walked up to her and said with a smile, "You have a good chat with Sophia. What did you say?"

"What did you say to Ryan?" Fiona asked with a smile.

Spencer caressed her hair and answered, "It's a secret."

"I don't have a secret." "Sophia said, you are going to take me to the Civil Affairs Bureau." a naughty smile appeared on Fiona's face all of a sudden.

Spencer's face darkened and said, "She is so eloquent."

"Really? It seems true. " The smile on Fiona's face did not decrease. "Have you brought my ID?"

"Of course." Spencer raised his head and said proudly, "I have moved all the things in your house in NJ City. All your things are now in the Cheng clan's courtyard, not to mention your identification."

"So soon?" But I haven't decided whether I should go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with you or not. "

"I don't care." Spencer raised his hand and touched her nose softly. "You have already promised me that if you don't come with me, I will definitely force you to marry me even if you faint."

"The same as several years ago?" Fiona joked intentionally. As expected, when she saw the appearance of Spencer, her face suddenly changed.

"Last time, it was an accident." A trace of guilt appeared in his eyes.

"Okay, I know. I'm just kidding." Fiona changed the topic. "Well, Sophia said, it's okay if I go with you. But you have to put all your money under my name and give me your salary card, so that you don't have to wander around."

"When do I have affairs?" The corners of his mouth curled and his eyes narrowed.

"Just in case!" Determined, Fiona continued, "Besides, Sophia said, as long as you're not with me in the future, you must call me

echoed in her ears for a long time. The three of them didn't go back until they had worshiped Fiona's parents and Spencer's mother. When they walked down the mountain, he kept the same posture - one hand holding Sarah in his arms, and the other holding Fiona - as if he had been used to it.

When they went down the mountain, Fiona finally realized that it was already afternoon when she heard Sarah said she was hungry. When they walked out of the cemetery, they found that the four people were still waiting, so they simply gathered together to have lunch.

As Sophia insisted on sitting in the same car with Fiona, Spencer let her get on the car and swallowed his anger. Along the way, Sophia kept talking and made him feel anxious. In another car, the situation was completely the opposite. The three men remained silent all the way. Once they arrived at the restaurant, they were thankful.

It was almost three o'clock in the evening when Terence calculated the time. Then he said, "We are now in the western suburbs in M City, and the Civil Affairs Bureau is in the East. We are heading for the Civil Affairs Bureau now. When we arrive there, I guess they're just off duty. "

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