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   Chapter 314 Her Name Is Margery Cheng

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Fiona felt very drunk, but her eyes lit up. Spencer asked whether she was drunk, but she just shook her head and replied stubbornly, "No."

They didn't know how long they had been drinking. From laughter at the beginning to singing group to crying bitterly, and then, they just took a sip of water and told each other that they were not willing to leave.

The next morning, all the people got ready to go. They looked like the drinking, noise and crying last night were just a dream. People who were about to leave got on their cars and saw their companions salute them. The crowd burst into tears again.

The car went farther and farther. Although Fiona wasn't in the car, her heart followed them.

Bye, my lovely third team...

Feeling her shivering body, Spencer raised his hand and wiped her tears.

In the sanatorium, Wayne was getting more and more energetic. There was Sarah there, and he didn't want to have a rest at all. His eyes were full of the little girl. When she called him 'great grandpa'. With a wave of his hand, Wayne immediately asked people to buy a gift, and then went out to buy another one. The ward was filled with these gifts.

But no matter how hard Fiona and Spencer tried to persuade him, he just wouldn't listen.

"Grandpa has his Sarah and he can't even see me. I'm so sad!" One day, Spencer and Fiona arrived at the sanatorium. As soon as they entered the door, they saw Sarah lying on the bed, with story books in her hands and telling stories with Wayne. They were happy and harmonious. When they turned their head to the other side, they saw Ethan sitting on the couch. He didn't speak but looked at Sarah with a smile.

"Dad, why are you here?" Spencer asked in surprise, "When did you come back?"

"Just now." Ethan smiled and stood up, "I'm here to visit Wayne and my granddaughter."

"Grandpa, Dad." Fiona greeted them, carrying the lunch she brought for her grandfather.

"You're coming." Wayne nodded, and so did Ethan.

"Mom! Daddy! " When Sarah saw them, she slipped off the bed and ran to them. "Dad, give me a hug!"

Smiling, he picked the little Sarah up and poked at her nose. "Run slowly."

Wayne saw that, and there was a complicated expression flashed in his eyes, but he smiled and said, "Fiona, Spencer, come here. Ethan, come here please. "

"What's wrong, Grandpa?" Asked Spencer. They all leaned over, waiting for her to go on.

Wayne stretched out his hand, and the servant immediately took his glasses. He put on his glasses and took out a piece of art paper on the bedside table, slowly spread it out and said, "I have prepared my great granddaughter's name. Please have a look."

Looking at each other, Fiona took the paper quickly.

"Margery." When she saw the two giant words on the rice paper, she smiled softly.

"Hi, Margery Cheng." Spencer nodded,

ow. You don't have to send him here."

"No way! Wow, the little girl looks like Spencer's child. She has grown up. " Kristen had already seen Sarah. After a while, she smiled and opened her mouth, but she was surprised by what she had seen. It had been three years since the Cheng family disappeared from people's sight, and it seemed to be going to rise again recently. It had been three years since Spencer and Fiona disappeared from the public view, and after they came back, their children had grown up.

"Yeah, it's Fiona and Spencer's baby." Wayne laughed.

"Sarah, say hello to Auntie," Fiona urged.

"Hello, auntie," Sarah turned around and smiled sweetly.

"You're so cute." Kristen said with a brilliant smile.

After visiting the patient, Kristen stood up and was about to leave. Suddenly, she tried to take out something from her pocket. It was a red invitation card.

While Fiona was still feeling shocked, Kristen handed an invitation to Spencer with a smile and said, "This is my wedding invitation."

Raising his eyebrows, Spencer said, "Congratulations."

"Congratulations." Fiona added.

"You must go there then!" said Kristen with a faint smile


"Then I'll go first." "Grandpa Wayne, I have to go now." said Kristen

"Take care! Fiona, Spencer, walk Kristen out. "

Spencer nodded. When he was about to send her off, Kristen said smilingly, "Mr. Spencer, I won't let you send me. I'll ask Fiona to send me."

Spencer looked at Fiona, she nodded before he said anything.

"Let's go. I'll walk you out." Then they walked out of the ward.

"I knew you would be with Spencer." In the corridor, Kristen suddenly said.

"Yes?" Fiona wondered.

Kristen turned to look at Fiona and said, "Where have you been for the past three years?"

Surprised, Fiona smiled and said nothing. It was better not to tell anyone about Spencer's amnesia.

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