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   Chapter 312 Let Great-grandpa Hug You

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Fiona burst out crying. She stood up for two seconds, staggered into the ward and knelt on her knees. She grabbed Wayne's scrawny hands and cried out, "Grandpa, you finally wake up..."

With his eyes darkened, Spencer staggered forward. He walked to the bed, patted her trembling shoulder, and said to Wayne, "Grandpa." After that, his eyes turned red, but he tried his best to hold back his tears.

Wayne murmured and there were some doubts in his eyes, "Why are you crying? What happened to you? Why am I here? "

The doctor reminded them, "Mr. Spencer, Miss Fiona, Mr. Wayne just woke up. He is not in a good mood. It may take some time to adapt to the present environment. Please calm down, and don't be surprised."

Spencer and Fiona nodded at the same time.

"Then we will go out first." Those doctors looked at each other and said, "But Mr. Wayne just woke up, don't make him too tired. We'll come in ten minutes later."

"Okay, thank you, doctor."

"Thank you, doctor."

As soon as the doctors left the room, Fiona couldn't help but sob, "Grandpa, are you okay? Do you feel uncomfortable? I'm Fiona! "

"Hi, Fiona!" Stretching his hand with great difficulty, Wayne patted on the back of her hand and said, "Why are you crying? Don't cry."

"Grandpa, do you still remember me?" Asked Spencer.

"You bad boy." Wayne spat and glanced at him. "How could I don't know you? Emm? Don't talk nonsense! I'm not stupid enough to not know you! "

The corners of Fiona's mouth lifted into a smirk. Smiling, Spencer moved a chair for Fiona and said to Wayne, "Grandpa, it's just a random question."

When Wayne woke up, the thing that had been troubling Fiona for the past three years finally settled down. She held Wayne's hand tightly and said, "Grandpa, you've slept for so long that I was really scared. Thank God you are awake. "

"I have slept for a long time How long have I slept? " Asked Wayne feebly.

"Almost three years." After hesitating for a while, Spencer responded with a complicated look, "Grandpa, we've been waiting for you for a long time."

"I have slept for so long!" That's been a long time, Wayne was in disbelief, and he asked, "How are you doing? How are you and Fiona doing? "

A trace of hesitation flashed through Spencer's eyes. He then gazed at Fiona apologetically. "Grandpa, we are fine," Fiona said gently

"That's good, that's good." Wayne nodded. His hand suddenly raised in the air and was gripped by Spencer.

"Grandpa, what do you want?" Asked Spencer.

Wayne shook his head and held one of Spencer's hand with his another hand, and then he held Fiona's hand with his other hand, slowly putting the two hands together.

Time flied back to the day when Fiona met with Spencer for the first time...

"The only thing I can't let go is you." Wayne sighed, "Everything will be fine. Ah."

"Grandpa, w

ious and really wanted to get Spencer out to kick his ass. he turned to another direction and said to Wayne, "Grandpa has a little great grandson. You couldn't even see me."

As soon as Terence said something, Wayne looked over. Seeing Terence, he smiled and said, "Terence, come here. Let me have a look. I didn't see you just now. "

Terence walked to his bed with a smile. There was complicated gratitude in his usual calm eyes. "Grandfather has woken up. Now someone can play chess with me again."

"Good, good, good. You are all good kids." Wayne raised his hand and Terence held it, he became very emotional.

Then they stayed in the ward for a while. The picture of Wayne and Sarah seemed so harmonious. A dying old man, and a newborn baby. They were connected by blood ties, and the extended of life always made people feel moved. However, it was until the doctor came to kick them out that Wayne reluctantly let go of Sarah. However, Wayne was so tired after they left that he fell asleep very soon. Later, those who wanted to visit him were left outside the ward.

On the way out, Fiona was in a good mood. She felt relieved for the past three years. "When Grandpa woke up, the guilt in my heart is finally less."

Having heard what Fiona said, Spencer was holding Sarah in his arms, and he reached out his hand to comfort her. Feeling sorry for her, he said, "I've told you that I won't blame you. Don't blame yourself. It's all my fault. " It was indeed Celine's fault.

With a faint smile, Fiona said, "I hope Wayne can be good."

"Grandpa will be fine." After saying that, Spencer suddenly thought of something and turned back. He said to Terence who was not far away, "Ask your bar to be suspended for half a day. And I will arrange people who are going to leave in NJ City base to get together."

"Fine, I'll do whatever you ask me of, Mr. Spencer," Terence responded impatiently

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