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   Chapter 310 Plagiarism Of Jewelry Design

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The winter was coming, but with the warm sunshine and the care of family and friends, the day seemed to be as bright as spring.

After half a month, Spencer almost recovered from his injuries. The doctor had examined his body several times. He had drawn blood and tested many times, but nothing had been found out. He only said that after he had fainted and woken up, his body had been healthy, and probably he would not suffer the amnesia again in the future.

Although the doctor's tone was uncertain, Fiona was somewhat relieved. In fact, in her heart, no matter what kind of person Spencer was, she didn't care anymore. Whether he lived or died, whether he lost his memory or not, as long as he was determined to be with her, she would live with her heart and soul. In the moment, she would advance or retreat together with Spencer.

Since Ryan spoke it out last time, they hadn't met each other again. They seemed to have a tacit understanding. However, from Sophia, Fiona heard a lot, such as the people killed by Charles in Wen Residence have been arranged, and Ryan's parents came back and arranged blind dates for him

However, when Fiona heard that, she just smiled. She really hoped that Ryan could be happy.

On this day, the sun seemed to be a little dim. Fiona counted the days when Spencer was discharged from the hospital and the days she would be discharged from the army. However, in the morning, Spencer mysteriously dragged her on the bed.

"What are you doing?" Fiona asked in surprise. Normally speaking, after breakfast, Spencer would go to work.

"Have a seat, dear Fiona," He pressed her shoulder and sat on the bed.

Fiona was speechless. She said, "Don't call me that anymore. It's strange." Half a month ago, Spencer suddenly changed the way he called Fiona became dear Fiona. All the people, including Sarah, felt a chill in their hearts. Fiona had taught him expressionlessly many times, but he still acted as if he was proud of himself. He kept calling her dear Fiona.

"You can call me dear Spencer!" He raised his eyebrows.

Smiling softly, Fiona shook her head and said, "No, it's so strange."

"You can call Ryan Wen 'Ryan'. Why could you call me more cordial?" Getting close to her, he continued, "Why don't you call me Sissy? Call me, please."

"Stop it." Fiona grabbed his hand, "Why did you ask me to come here?"

"I have a day off. Let's watch TV." Spencer turned the TV to the news channel, but his mood couldn't help flying when she held his hand.

Fiona had already learnt what kind of person he was. She would know it from his tone of speech that he was in trouble. That was why she chose to keep silent and watch TV.

"Welcome to the morning news. The main content of today's news is: the state has recently issued a protecting law of the owner of jewelry design works. A law will be implemented from today. In the northwest woodland, there is a fire because of dry autumn. Firefighters..."

The host and hostess were talking fast on the screen. But Fiona was unable to hear what they were talking about because of the first news. She was confused.

ther's love, okay? Give my daughter back to me! "

Terence smiled even more happily. But before he opened his mouth, Karl came in a hurry, even saving the salute. "Mr. Spencer! Mr. Spencer! "

"What's wrong? What happened again? " Spencer arranged his clothes impatiently, "Is it on fire? You come here so hurriedly. "

"Well." Karl stopped at the door and hesitated for a while before he spoke.

"Say it!" Spencer was annoyed.

"Well." Bowed his head, Karl replied, "Miss Celine came to visit you, but we couldn't stop her. Now she is rushing into the hospital."

Without raising his eyes, Spencer replied casually, "Then let her come."

Seeing the expression on his face, Karl couldn't help but tremble and look at Fiona. He still nodded his head to show his agreement. When he was about to turn around and go out to find Celine, he found that Celine had already come here.

"Where is Spencer? Which ward is Spencer in? "

Her high heels stomped on the floor, creating a resounding thud. She approached the ward step by step.

Holding a file packet in his hand, Celine walked towards in a rage. When she saw Terence, she knew that the ward of Spencer had arrived. When she caught sight of the baby in Terence's arms, she asked surprisedly, "Is he the baby of Spencer's?"

Sarah turned around and threw herself into Terence's arms, looking back at Celine from time to time.

"Yes," Terence nodded

"Haha..." All of a sudden, Celine smiled bitterly, with a hint of unwillingness in her eyes.

"I'll go out first." When Fiona saw Celine, she immediately stood up and wanted to go out, but was caught by Spencer. He used all his strength to pull Fiona back a little. Unexpectedly, Fiona stepped back a step as he said. Then, Spencer took advantage of this chance to hold her in his arms and said, "Just stay here."

"No, it doesn't matter." Fiona shook her head, "I trust you, just like you trust me with a Ryan."

"I trust you but not Ryan." Spencer smiled, "I don't know if you believe her or not, but I don't believe her. So you have to stay here. "

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