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   Chapter 308 It's Just Vulgar

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10019

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Spencer then slowly and calmly sat up from the bed and leaned against the back of the chair, and replied, "She looks fine in my hospital robe, almost the same as a pajama." After saying that, he took a look out of the window again. "It's still early. Fiona hasn't changed her clothes yet."

Standing on the edge of the bed, Fiona was a little uneasy. She was barefoot. Her left foot stepped on her right foot and rubbed it. When she looked at Sophia, she got a different feeling from her own eyes. In a hurry, she reached out her hand and tightened her collar, her ears burning.

Sophia looked at Fiona up and down. Her face turned red with anger. She stared at Spencer and said, "I know you are a bad guy from the bottom of your heart. Your legs and arms are hurt. How can you be so dishonest and even do something to Fiona! It's just vulgar! "

His face darkened, but he was annoyed as well, "How could you say that? It was you who insisted on breaking in, OK? How do you know everything? Didn't you feel ashamed to speak it out? It's none of your business to care about me and Fiona, okay? Get out! "

"You ask me to stay here, but I don't want to!" "I'm here for Fiona. Ryan is here. He wants to see her," said Sophia, making a face at Spencer

"Is Ryan here?" "Has he been waiting for a long time?" she asked in surprise

"No, he just arrived." Sophia shook her head, "I happened to ask you out for breakfast."

"I'll be right out." Fiona nodded at Sophia.

After saying that, Sophia turned around and left. Before leaving, she gave a hateful glance at Spencer.

But he had no time to care about Sophia now. When he heard the news that Ryan was coming, he had been on full alert. He reached out his hand to catch Fiona, and said, "Don't go to see him." His voice was stiff, but also with a hint of pleading.

"What's wrong?" Amused, Fiona took up her clothes and was about to go to the bathroom to change. Unexpectedly, she felt relaxed. She also joked with Spencer. "Are you afraid that I will run away?"

"In all probability." Spencer looked at the clothes in her hands and asked, "Where are we going?"

"Go change."

"It's same to change here." A wicked smile cracked on his face, and he suddenly grabbed her hand and threw her onto the bed.

"Go away! Go away! " Fiona struggled and cried, "My body aches and I can't stand it anymore. Besides, it's dawn. Please don't..."

But before she could finish her words, Spencer buried his head on Fiona's shoulder. He couldn't help laughing and he asked in a louder voice, "What should I do, Fiona? You're more and more adorable to me. Why are you so cute?"

After giving him a hard punch on his chest, Fiona replied, "You must be kidding me again."

"I'm not kidding. If you don't stop me, I promise that I will surrender."


"What are you doing? Mom? "

A ringing voice of a child came from the bed next to their bedroom. Hearing the child's voice, Spencer and Fiona looked at each other, and then turne

he spoon, Ryan grabbed his trousers tightly and had an impulse to escape.


"Yes." Ryan replied in a low voice.

"I'm sorry."

"…… It's okay. " Almost reflexively, Ryan opened his mouth. But no one knew that how long had he practiced in front of the mirror at home before he could control his expression and say the words "it doesn't matter.".

"You are so smart, you know what I want to say, don't you?" Fiona didn't want to waste his time, he was still so young and excellent. The earlier she spoke, the better it would be. "I'm not going to say that words. I..."

"Just say it!" But Ryan looked up directly into Fiona's eyes and said, "I won't give up until you tell me the truth. I came here with full preparations. Don't worry. I just want to give myself an explanation. "

"Ryan, don't be so nervous. I just feel more guilty." Caught off guard, Fiona responded, "Nothing special. Am I right?"

"I used to believe that it was the God who gave me the chance to drive Spencer away," Ryan's eyes were covered with a layer of shadow. "Was it too late from the beginning? No matter how hard I tried later, I still couldn't catch up with you?"

"I'm sorry." Lowering her head slightly, Fiona said as if her heart was being ripped apart, "I've been taken care of by you for three years, and now I treat you like this."

"I took care of you out of my own will. If you feel guilty for this, I would be a failure. What's more, you have never promised me anything. It's just an extravagant hope. " Ryan laughed at himself, "Now I just want you to tell me that you want to be with Spencer again."

"Yes, I have decided to be with him again."

Fiona opened her mouth loudly. Her words shocked Ryan.

On the other side, the corridor outside the reception room was pressed against the wall by Spencer and Terence. Hearing what Fiona said, Spencer grimaced. Now that Fiona had decided to take her advice, it was good for her and others to just cut off this vague relationship.

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