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   Chapter 306 Marry Me, Fiona

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Spencer didn't know that this little girl was so eloquent. At the same time, he felt that his authority of being a father had been challenged. So he found it both funny and annoying and said, "Then How about I prepare a gift for you tomorrow? Prepare three gifts? "

Sarah spread out her hands, counted and made a gesture, "One, two Two, three. " After counting, she was all smiles, "Yeah. But can you give me the black weapon that you always carry on you? "

Fiona's mouth twitched. After hearing this, Spencer was also a little speechless. He glanced at Fiona, turned around and asked, "Sarah, why do you want that?"

"Because it is handsome." Sarah uttered 'biubiu', "I saw my mom beat that man to death on that ship. I want to be as strong as my mom. "

Fiona bit her lips. She didn't know why she had the courage to say that. She still had a lingering fear. She didn't expect Sarah to see it?

"Don't you afraid, Sarah?" Spencer held Fiona's hand to comfort her. Since he was kidnapped last time, he had been worried that the accident would leave a shadow in the hearts of Sarah. After the doctor checked, he was told that Sarah's mentality was normal, and he was still dubious about it. It was not until today that he began to believe that Sarah didn't really care about it.

Thinking of this, Spencer got a better idea. He couldn't help but feel complacent. His daughter was a tough woman. She was as fearless as he was. He said, "Our Sarah will be excellent fighters in the future."

Fiona's lips trembled. She stared at him and said, "But, Sarah is a girl! I don't want her to run around. I don't want her to know these. I don't want her to be a heroine. What's more, I have always educated her in my mother's way. Even if she doesn't like playing piano, she won't like it so much She won't like things like that! "

"She's just like me." Spencer raised his eyebrows proudly.


"You two really have deep-rooted opinions!" As they were talking, Terence opened the door and walked in with a big cake in his hand. "You have talked about the education of Sarah. It seems that my worry is in vain."

"uncle Terence." When she saw Terence, she moved her little body and almost fell on her without holding herself. She hurriedly rushed to Terence made Spencer jealous.

"Don't you remember what you should call me, Sarah?" Terence put the cake aside and took Sarah in his arms.

"Daddy!" With her hands around Terence's neck, Sarah seemed to ignore Fiona.

"Good girl." Terence was so happy that he kissed Sarah's face.

Spencer looked Fiona inquiringly, but the latter just shook her head with confusion. In a huff, Spencer bellowed, "Don't take advantage of my daughter, Terence! If you want to be a father so much, you should look for a woman by yourself. "

"No, I like Sarah." Terence provoked.

"Sarah likes uncle Terence, too."

A mixed feeling of jealousy and sadness welled up in Spencer's heart, and he couldn't help but feel upset. How come his wife and children could be thought of by others?

Seeing his reaction, Tere

dad and mom can get married as soon as possible!"

After that, she moved closer to the candle, pouted, and blew it out.



Spencer and Sarah then clapped their hands with cheers. The surprised look on Fiona's face was replaced by a helpless smile.

"Eat the cake!" With the knife in his hand, Spencer was about to make a move, but was stopped by Fiona.

"Let me do it. It's not convenient for you." Fiona cut down the three cute bears with the knife that Sarah wanted to eat. Sarah reached out her hands to held the little bear and then swallowed the little bear's head in one gulp.

Looking at this, Spencer burst into laughter. "I don't think Sarah will be like you. It may be the fate of a tough woman."

Fiona had always thought that children's nature was the most important. Although she hadn't forced her to do anything in the past two years, she had been guiding her to be gentle and soft. She wondered why Sarah had been too exaggerated recently? 'Being so' generous' at such a young age is not a good sign! '!

"Don't think too much. I was just kidding." Spencer's tone amused and he continued, "Today is your birthday. Come and have some cake."

With a smile, Fiona took the cake and ate it carelessly.

"What wish did you make?" Spencer asked while eating.

"Live a smooth and steady life." Fiona smiled at Spencer. There was no trace of emotion in her smile. It was a calm and beautiful future for her after she had gone through countless sorrow and parting in her life.

A lump came into Spencer's throat and he asked, "Is it that simple?"

The smile beside Fiona's mouth deepened, but it was replaced by helplessness. "You know, it's not that simple."

"Everything will be easy as long as I'm here." Putting his arms around her waist, he continued, "If you want a peaceful life, I will give you a peaceful life. If you want a pure and good life, I will give you a pure and good life. Fiona, could Sarah's wish come true soon? I want you to marry me. I, Spencer, beg you, Fiona, marry me. "

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