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   Chapter 300 Fiona's Art Exhibit

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Fiona rushed to ZR Company after saying goodbye to Terence. Ryan had asked her to come and see something important. He also said that he wanted to return the sketch album she left in his car.

As soon as she turned her back, Terence shook his head and pushed the door into Spencer's ward.

Spencer was looking out of the window, lost in his thoughts. Hearing Terence enter, he asked without turning around, "What date is it today?"

"It's the seventh. Why?" Terence replied.

"Is it already the seventh?" Spencer turned around, his eyes unexpectedly bright. "Tomorrow's Fiona's birthday! Yes, that's right! And Sarah's! Did you know they have the same birthday? What presents do you think I should give them?"

"How about you take this opportunity to win her back?" Terence advised. "Now's a good chance. I don't know what you should give them though. You have to rely on yourself for that one."

Spencer sighed. "What you said does make sense."

"You have to act quickly." Terence changed the topic. "I heard Ryan call Fiona and ask her to meet him in the company. I don't know what he has planned."

"Ryan asked to see her? Damn!" Spencer sprang up from his bed. "No wonder she looked distracted. She was going to meet up with Ryan!" He didn't think much of Ryan since he had already gotten discharged from the hospital; he didn't expect that Ryan would actually ask Fiona out!

"Where's Karl? Karl, get over here!" Spencer roared.

"I'm here, sir!" Karl rushed into the room as soon as he heard Spencer's call.

"Get the car ready! We're going to ZR Company!"

"Yes, sir!" Receiving his orders, Karl left the room.

"Why do you look so agitated?" Terence asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I have to find my wife!" Spencer then turned to Terence. "Get me a wheelchair. I can't walk right now!"

"Fine! I'll find you one." Terence shook his head helplessly. "You're the boss. Just wait there while I get you a wheelchair."

"Humph! You... Ugh!" Spencer was about to say something when he felt a sudden surge of pain in his head. He took a deep breath as he placed a hand over his forehead. It felt like ants were gnawing at his brain, draining all of his strength.

"What's wrong?" Terence rushed to his bedside. "Is it a headache? Are you okay?"

"It's nothing." Spencer gritted his teeth as he shook his head. Cold sweat was dripping down his pale face. "I think I just moved too quickly. I felt a bit dizzy."

"Really?" Terence looked with disbelief. "Dizzy, huh?"

"Of course! What else could it be?" Spencer patted Terence's shoulder forcefully and smiled. "Now, find me my wheelchair! If I don't get to Fiona on time, I will make you pay!"

"You think your scare tactics work on me?" Terence snorted. "I'm not scared of you. If you're only pretending to be fine, I won't let you off easily! I don't care if you're injured. I will lift you up and beat the crap out of you!"

have new paintings. I'll make sure to invite you to my next exhibit."

Fiona felt so excited that she forgot Ryan's hand on her waist. She nodded as she took the card from his hands. "Thank you, Mr. Dong."

After chatting with Calvin for a bit, Fiona began to feel more ecstatic about the exhibit. She forgot her hesitations and felt a sense of pride and accomplishment as she heard people talking positively about her work.

Ryan introduced her to famous designers and buyers and she found herself happily conversing with them about art. Seeing Fiona beam with confidence, Ryan let out a sigh of relief, congratulating himself for making the right decision.

"Thank you, Ryan," Fiona whispered to him when they finally caught a break. "What a surprise! I really appreciate it."

"I'm glad you like it." Ryan smiled. "See? Everyone thinks highly of your work. It would be a shame if you gave up on your dream. Leaving the base was a good choice."

Fiona blinked back tears of joy. "Yes. This is my dream after all!"

"Mr. Wen." Right then, Ryan's assistant walked up to them and gave Fiona a meaningful look. She was going to say something but she stopped when she saw Fiona.

"I'll just be over there, Ryan." Fiona excused herself, understanding that the assistant had something important to discuss with Ryan.

"Okay. I'll join you in a bit." When Fiona had finally left, Ryan turned to his assistant and asked, "What's wrong?"

"It's Mr. Cheng."

Ryan raised his eyebrows and followed his assistant to the gates. A car stopped in front of the entrance as soon as they reached it.

Out came Spencer in a wheelchair.

"Hi, Mr. Cheng." Standing a few steps away, Ryan greeted him politely. Seeing the hospital clothes Spencer was wearing, he couldn't help but think that he must have left in a hurry.

When Spencer heard his voice, he looked up and narrowed his eyes. "Where's Fiona, Ryan? Where did you take her?"

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