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   Chapter 298 Choose Between Me And Him

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"Charles has been taken away by the police. The reports concerning the hostages have been filed as well. He took in a total of 289 hostages, 23 of whom died and 18 got seriously injured. The rest were traumatized, of course, but they were not physically hurt. Charles has 348 men, 206 of whom were dead while the rest have been taken into custody."

Inside Spencer's ward, several people gathered and listened as Eric gave the report for yesterday's incident.

"Well, please handle the rest." One of Spencer's leg was suspended in a cast and one of his arms was in a sling. Clad in a hospital robe, he looked hurt, but the expression on his face remained defiant.

"Yes, Mr. Cheng!"

"Why isn't Fiona here?" Spencer asked impatiently after the meeting. He stared at the door with eyes full of longing.

Suddenly, the door swung open as if answering his prayers.

"Fiona?" he called out.

"It's me. Mom couldn't come." It was Sarah speaking; she was in Terence's arms. "She asked me to visit you."

"Sarah!" Spencer's eyes lit up as soon as he saw his daughter. He smiled at her and said, "Come here and let Daddy hug you."

Terence found himself smiling, too. It turned out that Spencer was quite used to addressing himself as Sarah's dad. Terence set Sarah down and let her walk up to Spencer. "How can you hold Sarah when your arm is broken?" Cautioning the little girl, he added, "Sarah, don't touch his arm."

She nodded obediently and asked Spencer, "Does it hurt?"

Spencer was about to say no, but then decided otherwise. He nodded and affected a pained look. "Yes, it hurts! What should I do?"

Hearing this, Sarah frowned and replied, "Mom makes me feel better when she blows on my boo-boos." She then lowered her head and moved nearer to Spencer's arm. With a serious expression on her round face, she pouted her lips and blew softly on his sling.

For a moment, Spencer was completely speechless. He raised his other hand to pat Sarah on the head, his eyes brimming with fatherly affection.

Terence merely watched, thinking that it was a warm and magical scene. Complex emotions flashed on Spencer's face. It looked so different from the usual smug and cynical expression he always wore. His eyes were filled with tenderness and affection. Terence couldn't help but wonder if being a father always changed a man.

"Hey, Sarah! Why aren't you calling me Dad?" Spencer blurted out of nowhere.

"Huh?" Sarah furrowed her brows as she looked at him. "Mom didn't tell me to. And you're not my dad!"

"There's no need to wait for your mom to say it. I am your parent, too," Spencer said as he gave her cheek a soft pinch.

"No way." Sarah shook her head. "I have to listen to Mom."

"Okay." Seeing Sarah's serious expression, Spencer thought that she looked like a small adult. He chuckled under his breath before he added, "Then after your mom confirms it, you have to call me Dad."

Sarah blinked, looking

ona..." Ryan called her attention. "You said before that you'd give me an answer after two months. I thought now is the perfect time to ask. I know Spencer came back into your life. I know I don't have much of a chance against him, but..."

Before he could finish his sentence, someone knocked at the door again.

This time, Karl stepped into the room and said, "Mr. Cheng's injuries have taken a turn for the worse. He doesn't have much time. He wants to see you right now."

Ryan could only muster a wry smile.

Embarrassed, Fiona turned to Karl and said, "Why come to me if he's dying? What can I do? I'm not a doctor!"


"Enough, Karl." Fiona cut him short, avoiding Ryan's gaze. "I'll come with you."

"Really? That's great!" Karl nodded and turned around.

"Wait!" Anxious, Ryan tried to stand up and stop Fiona, but he strained a muscle and hurt himself in the process. He coughed as he winced in pain. "Wait, Fiona!"

"Don't do anything rash, Ryan! You'll only make your injuries worse!" Fiona helped him sit down. "Let's talk when I get back. I'll ask the doctor to check on you. But please don't force yourself to do anything while I'm gone."

"I've been waiting for three years!" Ryan spoke with all seriousness. "I thought that I could finally be with you after two months. But Spencer appeared and changed everything. Not only is he your ex-husband, but he's also Sarah's father. How can I compete with him? I feel so hopeless, Fiona. But... I love you just as much as he does! I don't want to let you go."

As he stood by the door, Karl felt angry and protective of Spencer. But on second thought, he was glad that Spencer was not there to hear everything. Otherwise...

Shocked, Fiona could not find the right words. "Ryan, I..."

"You have to choose between me and him, Fiona," Ryan insisted. "But whoever you end up with, I pray that you'll find happiness. I just hope that I could be the one to give it to you."

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