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   Chapter 297 I'm Going To See Ryan

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Beep! Beep! Beep——

She heard some faint sounds close to her ears. On the bed, Fiona slowly regained consciousness. Her eyes moved slightly under her closed eyes. Her brain gradually began to move, controlling her fingers to move slightly.

"Ah! Auntie Sophia, is my mother about to wake up? She's rolling her eyes! "

The voice came again from the quiet room. It was Sarah's cry of joy. Fiona didn't know how she looked, but she was smiling in her heart. 'It's okay as long as Sarah is okay.'

"She seems to wake up soon." Sophia said gently, "Sarah, you stay here with mommy. I'll call the doctor and come back soon, okay?"


Crack! Crack——

Sophia opened the door and walked out in a hurry. Sarah sat on the bed and stared at Fiona. Suddenly, she bent down and kissed Fiona on her cheeks and forehead. "Mommy, Mommy Are you awake? "

"Well..." With a groan, Fiona frowned and opened her eyes slowly. Her vision was still blurry, but Sarah appeared in front of her with concern and grievance.

"Sarah..." Fiona said in a hoarse voice.

"Mom! Haha! " Sarah jumped into her arms and wrapped her arms around her neck, laughing, "Mom, you're awake!"

"Yes, mom is awake." Fiona patted on Sarah's back, and was moved.

"Mommy has slept for a long time, much more than me," The little girl pouted and moved closer to Fiona.

"Really? Sarah, you're awesome. Don't you feel sleepy? "

"I'm not sleepy..."

"Wow, Fiona, you are awake!" When they were talking, Sophia came back. She screamed excitedly as soon as she saw Fiona wake up. She dashed to the bed and looked at her. Then she burst into tears. "You scared me! Fiona! You scared me to death..."

"I'm fine." Fiona patted her again and said, "Sarah didn't cry. Why are you crying?"


"It's okay as long as she is fine. Don't cry." As soon as George arrived, he grabbed Sophia's sleeve and said, "Is it shameful? Please don't cry! Let's ask the doctor to check on Fiona first. Does she still feel uncomfortable? "

"Oh, yes, you are right." It suddenly dawned on nael. He spared some space from the crowd, wiped off the tears on his face and said, "doctor, check her up."

Sarah was also obedient. She sat on the edge of the bed, watching the doctor closely, and pecked on Fiona's cheek from time to time. She was so cute.

"Nothing serious." After a series of tests, the doctor nodded and said with a smile, "She fainted because she was too nervous and tired. She wasn't injured physically. She will be fine as long as she has a good rest."

"Thank you, doctor."

"Thank you, doctor."

They thanked the doctor and sent him out politely.

It was a little quiet in the room. Suddenly, Fiona thought of something and asked anxiously, "Spen... How are they? "

When George heard the word "Spen" that Fiona suddenly paused, he sighed slightly in his heart and said, "Both of them are fine. They had the surgery last night. Everything was fine,

a, Fiona!" Just then, Terence's cry came from the corridor. The next second, the door of the ward opened, "Spencer woke up. He is looking for you!"

"Is he awake? !" Fiona's eyes lit up. She jumped out of bed, with a triumphant smile on her face. "Come on! Show me the way!"

"Fiona!" As soon as Fiona got out of bed, Sophia rushed to her again in a hurry, shouting while running, "Come with me to have a look. Ryan is awake!"

"Does Ryan also wake up?" The smile on Fiona's face grew bigger. "Let me have a look," she urged Then she was about to go out with Sarah in her arms.

"Hey, I came here first." Terence stopped Sophia.

"No one pays attention to the order of arrival for this kind of thing." "Fiona, let's go to visit Ryan. He wants to see you when he wakes up," Sophia said to Fiona with a sneer

"So does Spencer," Said Terence, showing no weakness.

Holding Sarah in her arms, Fiona stopped suddenly. She was stunned and asked, "Have Spencer and Ryan woken up?"

"Yes." Both Terence and Sophia nodded. Both of them looked into each other's eyes. Fiona cared about the man she visited first.

Stared by Terence and Sophia, Fiona became uneasy. She turned around and asked Sarah, "Sarah, who do you want to see?"

"Well..." Sarah racked her brains and thought for a few seconds. "Spencer!"

After saying these words, Terence smiled and glanced at Sophia provocatively.

Sophia stamped her foot angrily. "Sarah, do you forget how nice uncle Ryan is to you? Why don't you go to see Uncle Ryan first? "

Sarah looked at Fiona with an aggrieved expression. Fiona patted her head, walked to the door of the ward, and handed Sarah ted to Terence, saying, "Terence, take Sarah to see Spencer, and I'll go to the ward to have a look at Ryan first."

"What?" Terence held Sarah in his arms and had no idea what to do. He saw Sophia drag Fiona away. When they were halfway, Sophia turned around and rolled her eyes at him.

"Damn it..."

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