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   Chapter 295 It's Time To End It

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After hearing the words' I'll kneel' from Spencer's mouth, Fiona felt like her heart had been punched hard. Looking emotionless, she felt more heartbroken. It was so painful that she couldn't breathe

"Spencer!" Fiona grabbed the sleeves of Spencer, her eyes wide open, tears rolling down her cheeks. She was too choked to utter another word. She felt aggrieved, depressed and painful. All the emotions surged in her heart, but she could do nothing to stop Spencer.

Ryan stood aside, stupefied. He wanted to help him, but he was afraid that his movement might screw it.

Pushing away Fiona gently, Spencer stared at Charles and suddenly took two steps forward. He pursed his lips tightly and knelt down on the ground.

Time seemed to stand still. The way he knelt down turned into a silhouette in Fiona's tears.

"Ah, Spencer!" Sarah was scared and shouted.

"Spencer!" With that, Fiona covered her mouth with one hand. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She felt dizzy and almost fell down. Quickly holding her arms, Ryan's face was extremely painful. He looked at Sarah and made up his mind.

"Please set Sarah and the hostages free." Spencer said slowly, standing upright, neither humble nor pushy.

"Haha..." Charles raised his head and laughed out with hatred, "haha, Spencer! You really impress me! " As he spoke, he walked up to Spencer and kicked him on his shoulder.


Spencer's body shook and took a deep breath because of the pain. He clenched his fists and tried hard to resist the urge to fight back.

"Spencer!" shouted Fiona. But just when she was about to step forward, she was held back by Ryan.

"You can't go there!"

Fiona cried out uncontrollably and intermittently, "Spencer, please stand up! Stand up! Charles, please don't hit him. Please don't... "

But when Charles heard Fiona's pleading, he was annoyed and punched Spencer on the cheeks.

"Wow She cried Sarah also burst into tears.

Bang! Bang! Bang——

In the engine room, a chaotic battle had already happened. The people sneaked into the cabin first, and Terence and Eric followed them. They rushed to the left and right sides with their men, intending to annihilate all the people from X Organization from the inside.

"Mr. Terence, Mr. Eric, run! You can rest assured that the cabin will be under our control soon after starting it! "

Terence nodded and ran to the third class cabin with his men.

Ruby was guarding the ship outside and gave a false impression to Charles. She followed the cruise slowly and the helicopter in the sky flew in the air. The huge buzzing drowned out the gunshot in the cabin.

When Terence and Eric found their first-class cabin, they found that all the staff on the cruise were gathered in the entertainment hall. The resplendent hall was crowded with people, but there were hundreds of gunguards patrolling around.

At the east side of the hall, Terence gave a sign to Eric – take

. She was about to run to the other side, but was stopped by Charles.

"Don't move!" But before she could finish her words, Charles put his pistol against her forehead and murmured, "Since you don't listen to me, I won't Uh... "

Before he could finish his words, Fiona went crazy. She lifted her foot and kicked Charles hard in his crotch, which was much heavier than when he kicked Spencer and Robert. As expected, Charles groaned in pain and bent his body slowly.

"Damn it..." Beads of sweat were trickling down from Charles's face. He narrowed his eyes and raised his gun.


"Watch out!" When Spencer saw what was happening, he rushed to Fiona and Charles's bullet hit his arm, and the gun in his fell onto the ground.

Francis squatted down and grabbed the gun, but before he could stand up, his heart was blooding. He couldn't believe his ears as he looked to the direction of Fiona with disbelief. It was Fiona. She was holding her gun, her hand trembling slightly, and her eyes were firm.


All of a sudden, Francis fell to the ground. It never occurred to him that he would be killed by Fiona.

Terence rushed to them under cover. The dense bullets were aimed at Charles, giving him no chance to attack Spencer and Fiona.

"Are you all right?" Fiona asked, trembling.

"Nothing." Said Spencer, shaking his head.

"Fuck off!" Several people rushed over to Ryan and tried to take Sarah away. Ryan had to hide passively.

Startled, Spencer took his gun and fired continuously at these men and covered Ryan and Sarah with his left hand.

"Charles, it's time to end it!" Spencer pushed Fiona to the safe place, his eyes filled with coldness. "This time, I won't let you run away again!"

With hands holding guns in the same time, Charles's face was full of bloodstains. He looked at Spencer and Terence coming at him at the same time. He suddenly came up with an idea and retreated to the side of the handrail.

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