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   Chapter 294 Kneel Down And Beg Me

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"Mr. Spencer! I'll go with you! " Karl ran to catch them but was stopped by Terence.

"What are you doing there?! Do you want to die? "

"I will protect Mr. Spencer!"

"Does he need you to protect him? !" Terence scolded him rudely, "You're just like Spencer! Stupid! Is it so easy for you to go there as you like?! Anyway, Ryan is Charles's brother. Its reasonable that he agreed to let Ryan go there. If you make a scene again, I'm afraid that Charles will be ashamed into anger and beat Spencer to death! "

"Mr. Terence, what are you talking about? Mr. Spencer is really something!" Karl disagreed with what he said and looked worried, "But, what should we do now? "What are you waiting for?"

"Why do we have to wait and see?" Terence frowned, "Do you think the people from the sea side and the air side come to eat nothing here?! Go, go, you stay behind! Don't stay here and mess up my thoughts. "

"…… Yes, Mr. Terence. " Karl stepped back unwillingly and occasionally looked back at the lifeboat floating on the sea, worries written all over his face.

Soon enough, they were approaching the cruiser and someone pointed a gun at them. On the deck, she was amazed at the blue sea and blue sky. It should be a soothing scene, but at this moment, no one had time to enjoy it.

"Mom!" Sarah, in the arms of Charles, struggled forward excitedly, waving her little hands in the air, "Give me a hug!"

"Sarah!" Choked with sobs, Fiona stepped forward unconsciously.



The same voices came from behind and they grabbed Fiona's arms to stop her. Spencer and Ryan two not only spoke at the same time, but also acted in unison.

"I want to look for Sarah." But they grabbed her arms from the left and the right. "Let me go!" she yelled

"If you go there, Charles won't let you off!" Ryan asked anxiously.

Crack! Crack! Crack——

Charles gave Sarah to others and reached out his hands. He then clapped his hands leisurely and said, "It's very rare!" With these words, Charles raised his index finger and pointed at his temple. He frowned and said: "What are you doing here? Oh! I remember this is called hardship tests friendship, isn't it? "

"Charles..." Spencer lowered his head and his eyes flashed a murderous look.

"Ahahah Mommy! " Sarah saw that Fiona didn't come to her, which made her cry. Sarah's cries sent a shiver down Spencer's spine. How he wished he could kill Charles right now.

With red eyes, Fiona comforted, "Don't cry! Sarah, don't cry! I'll be right there! "

"Fiona, come here." As soon as Fiona finished her words, Charles raised his eyebrows and spoke, but his eyes wandered between Spencer and Charles. "Come here, I will give you Sarah."


But before Fiona could take a step forward, Spencer rushed to her and blocked her way. He stood in front of her, gnashing his teeth,

to you, what's the meaning of my life? "


"That's a heartfelt confession!" A trace of hatred appeared in Charles's eyes. He snorted and said, "It's a pity that you have wasted too much time! I have no time to waste with you! On board! "

Spencer frowned and asked, "Where do you want to drive the cruise?"

"At least, we have to get rid of the encirclement!" Charles opened his mouth and spoke in a casual way. His clothes were rustling in the sea wind. "Go on. Let me see the gentleness of you, Mr. Spencer."



When Spencer was about to say something, the cruiser was started! Some of them wobbled. Waves billowed along the cruiser, and they were heading to the shore.

"You haven't released the hostage yet!" Spencer clenched his fists and made a noise.

"You haven't brought Fiona here." Holding his fists, Charles said, "We haven't make a deal."

Worrying about Sarah, Spencer stepped forward and said to Charles, "Can you trade me for Sarah and the hostages? I promise I'll never fight back if you want to kill me. "

"Mr. Spencer, are you begging me?" Charles raised his lips and smiled.

At the same time, in the sea someone was quietly approaching the layer of 'empress No. 1'. When they were at a stalemate on the deck, he came to the entrance of the cabin where the cabin was started. He opened the door quietly and sneaked in the cabin with weapons.

"Yes. I beg you to set the hostages and Sarah free." Spencer nodded.

"You should be the one who asks for help." Charles raised his chin slightly and said: "Beg me, kneel down!"

"Charles, don't push me too far!" Out of conditioned reflex, Fiona roared, tears streaming down her cheeks. How proud Spencer was! He would rather die than let him kneel down

Ryan stepped forward and said, "Charles, what else do you want?"

"Really? Don't you kneel down to me? Then... "

"I'll kneel."

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