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   Chapter 292 Save Sarah Together

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9820

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"Come on, Ruby..." Ryan finally found his own voice. "Firstly, call Terence and find out Spencer's subordinate and father. Don't let Charles take Sarah away!"

"Okay." Ruby was stunned and shocked by what Ryan said. A man who was usually gentle could unexpectedly keep calm at critical moments.

"I'm going to find Charles." Looking in the direction of the car leaving, Ryan said, "I'll go with the police. You arrange everything here. And keep in touch with Spencer at once. Don't let Fiona know, or else... "

"I understand." Ruby nodded. Charles was his brother. As long as he chased him, he could rest assured somehow. And Ruby had to stay and deal with the mess in the room.

With a squeak——

After that, the police car drove off like an arrow off the string. Actually, Charles was heading straight for the sea. And he was so arrogant along the way that it was easy for him to catch up with Charles. The policemen would have already caught up with them if they had not taken into consideration the safety of the citizens on the street just now

On the other side, the black nanny van that Charles was in rushed forward. All his subordinates, with weapons, poked their bodies out and destroyed the way.

"Wow, wow..." In the car, Charles held Sarah in his arms and cried bitterly. Her voice became more and more hoarse.

"Well, don't cry!" Charles shouted impatiently. Stunned for a while, Sarah was scared and stopped crying immediately.

Bang! Bang! Bang——

The gunshots rang out one after another. It had been a long time since the subordinates of Charles behaved so arrogantly in the downtown. All of a sudden, they were so excited that they didn't want to stop.

"Wow..." Sarah was scared and began to cry again, out of breath.

"Okay! Stop it! " Charles shouted to his guards, "Stop all of you!"

"Yes, Boss!" With the order of Charles, the gunshot stopped all of a sudden. They all hurried back to the car.

Instead of taking the little girl in her arms, Charles let Sarah sit on his legs and held her arm. He glared at her and said, "Don't cry, okay?! Otherwise, you will never see your mother! "

"Mom..." Sarah twitched her mouth and burst into tears. But she dared not to cry again due to the threat from Charles. She sobbed sadly and her body kept shaking.

Charles's restless mind calmed down a little. He looked at Sarah up and down carefully. Although he could see a little bit of Spencer in her eyes, she, on the other hand, looked like Fiona.

"Do you know who your father is?" Asked Charles.

Sarah puckered her mouth and asked uncertainly, "Spencer, is it Spencer?"

"Haha..." Charles smiled and said, "It seems that your mother really didn't tell you. Then what about Ryan? Your uncle Ryan has accompanied you for three years. He is eager to be your father! Why do so many people want to be your father? "

"Do you want to? She cried Sarah blinked and asked in a low voice.


er feet, tears streaming down her face. "I need to save Sarah. She'll be scared if she doesn't see me! I have to save Sarah... "

"No way." However, Spencer refused without any hesitation, "Since Charles can find out your phone and send you the pictures, he is trying to lure you there! You are his target! "

"But he has Sarah!" Fiona roared.

"I know! So I have to save her. She is my daughter. I won't let anything happen to her! " Spencer raised his voice, "But you're different. I can't let you risk your life again. I can't let you get caught by Charles again! I don't want to experience that kind of pain again! "

"But Sarah are my life! How can I wait here for you to save her?! Even if he wants to trade me for her, I'm willing to do it! " Fiona hissed hysterically.

"But you are my life!" Spencer stared at her and roared, "How could I possibly let you die!"

There was a silence. After Spencer finished his words, he kept silent. Fiona stared at him in disbelief.

"Mr. Spencer, how about letting Miss Fiona come with you! If Miss Fiona comes back, perhaps Sarah will be safe. "

"Yeah, as long as Miss Fiona is under our protection."

"Miss Fiona is worried about you if she just stays here."

On hearing this, Fiona came to her senses. She nodded and responded, "Yes, that's it! I promise I will behave well when I come back with you. I just want to see Sarah... Let me see if she is okay! Please, Spencer, let me go back with you. I promise I'll be fine, "


"Spencer and Fiona, I don't want to miss any of them. I'll do something good to have the three of you reunited! "

At the sight of Charles's text, Spencer simmered with rage, as if he was going to burn down the whole conference room.

"I'll take you back, but you have to be obedient! I'll save Sarah! " He felt helpless and sad at the same time.

"Okay, I promise..." Fiona choked with sobs.

"Prepare the helicopter. Let's go back to M City."

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