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   Chapter 291 Sarah Is In Danger

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As soon as the safe was opened, the shining jewels appeared in front of everyone. With his eyebrows furrowed, Ryan watched Charles step towards the safe. He grabbed the valuable gem in his hand, and his eyes suddenly lit up with greed.

"Charles, you..." Ryan was in a mess with blood all over his face. He coughed painfully and was about to open his mouth when a man kicked him down. The man then loaded him with his gun and aimed at Ryan.

"Put it down!" Charles stopped the man and pushed him back. He looked down at him and said, "My dear brother, what else do you want to say?"

"This diamond..." Ryan's voice was a little weak. "Father was supposed to leave it to you And this company, they are all yours. " When Ryan said this, there was a trace of sadness and a trace of disdain in his heart. If it had not been for such a big issue a few years ago happened to Charles, his father would not have given him anything from the Wen family, and he would not take them.

He didn't refuse Charles to come to the company tonight for two reasons. One was that he was unable to escape, and the other was that he wanted to make Charles come back to his senses.

"If you still have a trace of conscience in your heart, and you respect father..."

"Do you think you are a saint? !" With a roar of rage, Charles abruptly squatted down and pressed Ryan's head down on his body. "Is it for me? Fine, I'll take it away! "

"Do you think you can escape?" With his hands on the ground, Ryan tried to get up.

"Since I can't escape, then let me be ruthless!" A hint of cruelty flashed across Charles's eyes. "There are many old friends in M City. I will greet them, including their children!"

Children? Ryan furrowed his eyebrows. In an instant, he reacted. Fiona! Sarah!

Charles wanted Ryan know what he wanted to do! He raised his hand and slashed Ryan's neck at his neck, smiling.

"Uh..." With a quick and weak groan, Ryan fell to the ground and soon fell into darkness.

"Humph!" Charles stood up and walked out.

"It's Boss, are you going to kill him? "

"No, I won't." Charles shook his head and glanced at Ryan. "He is still useful. Let's go and pick up another little guy. "

"Yes, Boss."

They left the building silently. On the cold marble floor, Ryan was unconscious.

"On Wednesday, Fiona's child should go to the hospital. I will ask someone to 'take' the child away and let her stay with me for two days. So I must know clearly about what happened to Spencer."

In a bed of a five-star hotel, what Celine had said kept resounding in his head. At the same time, the sky was getting bright. Celine turned over in bed. There were mixed feelings in her eyes. That was Fiona and Spencer's child. How she wished to have a baby for Spencer, but she didn't have a chance! But why did Charles tell these to her? Wasn't he afraid that she would call the police?

"Dear Celine, what are you thinking about?" A male v

"I guess he's going to take revenge on Fiona and Spencer. That's why I came here." Ryan said while panting.

"Ruby!" The policeman who came with Ryan saluted to Ruby, "Why are you here?"

"Cut the crap!" Ruby did not care why the man recognized her and shouted, "Go and chase him! The car Sarah took was leaving for BE children hospital! Hurry up! "


They rushed out and quickly got into the police car, chasing the East.

Bang! Bang——

After driving for nearly ten minutes, Ruby poked her head out of the car and anxiously looked for the car of the orphanage. All of a sudden, there was a loud noise in the distance, like the car rubbing the ground and then colliding.

"Hurry up! Speed up! Hurry up! " Ruby roared. She had a hunch that something bad would happen. Ryan froze in his seat and his face was pale. He kept silent.

The car rushed over the red light towards the sound source. At this moment, she passed the street lights. Not far from the intersection, Ruby saw the familiar car at a glance. The car fell down on the street with its engine cover slightly smoking. Before the car stopped completely, Ruby opened the door and rushed out. The car of the orphanage had been badly damaged. They did not know how it was going inside.


The moment Ruby was about to get into the car, there was a bullet coming from the front, and Ruby avoided it nimbly.

Bang! Bang! Bang——

Bullets rained down on Ruby and she had to dodge. The policemen in the car were holding guns to cover the people scurrying along the street, trying not to let them hurt anyone.

Charles was so bold even in the bustling commercial street! Among the rain and bullets, Ruby smashed the window with her fist. When she looked inside, she saw Melody, the driver and the other child in the pool of blood. But Sarah was gone.

"Damn it!" Ruby cursed. But she could do nothing but watch the black car of Charles turned a corner and disappeared.

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