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   Chapter 289 Charles Came Back

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"How could that be true? It's impossible that the two of you only kissed a few times." Fiona shook her head.

"It's true. Anyone can testify for me and prove it," Spencer said hurriedly. "I think my subconscious still refused to be touched by another woman. I never wanted to get close to her and avoided it at all costs. The truth was, Celine changed a lot since then. She used to be a straightforward, open-minded woman, but now she is slick and sly. I only endured such a woman because I mistook her as you. It's all pretty ironic, really." Spencer paused for a moment and glanced at Fiona with his charming eyes. He added, "So, really. That was the only reason why I was forced to kiss her a few times."

Without uttering a single word, Fiona pursed her lips. She had always been a neat freak when it came to love. So, she was a little flustered about having to respond to him.

While Fiona was silently struggling with her thoughts, Spencer couldn't wait to speak and said, "So, you should know... I have been abstinent for three years by now. You should empathize with how urgently I am in need right now. Maybe, tonight we can sleep together. What do you think?"


Fiona hit his back and yelled, "Can you be a little more mature?"

"Nope." Spencer shook his head daringly. "Whenever I'm with you, I just feel like a child all over again."

"If you say such a thing again, I'll get really upset."

"All right, all right. I'll say something good then." Spencer cleared his throat and said, "I promise that Fiona will be the only woman in my heart from now on. I vow that she is the only woman I will ever kiss, hug and carry on my back. From this day forward, I will draw the line between me and every other woman around, so that Fiona can rest assured. If I don't follow any of these promises, I must be struck by lightning."

Fiona blinked her eyes in astonishment and said, "There was nothing good about what you said."

A bitter smile appeared on Spencer's face. The woman he loved so dearly was so evasive. Every time he promised and confessed his love, she would always pretend not to hear a thing. He wondered what he could do to reassure her. He released a deep sigh and continued to walk steadily as he carried Fiona on his back.

"Fiona, do you miss Sarah?" He suddenly started thinking about the little girl.

"Yes, I miss her dearly," Fiona muttered softly from behind him. She sounded a little tired.

"I miss her too." An endearing smile spread across his chiseled face and his eyes were filled with love. His heart felt like it was melting, as if it were made of soft mass. All he longed for was to be able to give Sarah all the good things in the world, watch her grow up and hear her call him "Daddy." At the same time, his heart was also wrapped in a strong coat of armor. This was in order to protect the little creature from the wickedness and cruelty in this world, as it would only spoil her beauty.

After a short while of walking, Fiona was already too tired to even open her eyes. She leaned her head against his back and drifted into sleep.

Feeling Fiona's relaxed body on his back, he smiled contentedly. 'I shouldn't have to overthink about this. As long as this girl is by my side and has not refused me, I don't have anything to worry about, ' he thought to himself. As for his confession, he figured that he still had plenty of time and that he could use his actions to prove his love.

econnaissance system. This would be a matter of contention for the red team's defense strategy." Spencer analyzed the situation at hand observed earnestly. "This is the first day of the military exercise. I still don't know how the two sides will progress with their plot in the future."

Fiona quietly came inside the command room. When she saw all the other soldiers nodding their heads at Spencer, it made her feel a little happy. In her opinion, men were the most attractive when they were serious.

The man was generally aggressive and decisive when he was serious. She couldn't understand why he kept acting like a child whenever it was just the two of them.

Fiona shook her head slightly and told herself not to think about it too much. Her main goal as of now was to successfully finish the exercise and hand over her work. She planned to talk to Spencer about it later.

Fiona suddenly took a deep breath and pressed her hand against her chest.

"What's wrong?" Noticing the slight discomfort and movements coming from Fiona, Spencer immediately stopped what he was doing. He started to walk towards her and when he reached her, he asked, "What's wrong? Are you feeling queasy?"

In fact, Fiona was feeling restless and answered, "I just felt my heart pounding really fast. I have a feeling that something bad is about to happen."

"You're here with us. What could possibly happen?" Spencer comforted her. "Don't worry about it. You're probably just a little too tired."

"I suppose." Just as Fiona nodded her head, her eyes suddenly opened wide and a horrified expression was seen on her face. "Sarah! Is she okay?" she said in a panic.

Staying calm, Spencer continued to comfort her. "Don't worry, Fiona. Everything is fine. Ruby is taking care of Sarah. If it is still causing you distress, then I can ask someone to pick Sarah up and bring her here."

"No, no. I'm good." Fiona shook her head. "I'm probably just tired and it's making me think too much." Spencer had already gone a little too far for her sake. She couldn't just let him bring Sarah here, or the whole military exercise would be like a joke to him.

"As long as I'm here, you can loosen up and take it easy," said Spencer.

Looking at his concerned expression, Fiona nodded and answered, "Alright."

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