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   Chapter 287 Spencer, Don't Be Ridiculous

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At ten o'clock in the evening, both red force and blue force had arrived at the exercise site. No one in the red force field had rested. They arranged array, inquire about news, and set up defense. All of their actions showed that this drill was going to be a fierce battle.

At three o'clock in the morning, the battle game began. The blue force deployed more than one way to the red array and avoided the enemy's attack. They broke through their defense first.

Spencer stayed in the camp and listened to the commander's arrangement without saying anything.

"Mr. Spencer, what do you think?" The commander asked.

Spencer shook his head and added, "I am an ordinary person now, so my attacking power is zero."

"Mr. Spencer, you can't do that. You can't be so passive in this way just because Miss Fiona is in the opposite camp!"

"I agree with you."

Spencer smiled. "We launched a sudden attack at a late night. We have advanced more than half the way. We are already positive enough. What else do you want to do? I can't go to the ambush alone. "

The commander smiled resignedly and said, "Why did you bring Miss Fiona to our enemy?"

Spencer smiled and didn't say anything more.

At the same time, red force sent out intelligence squad to approach blue force.

"Camp watch! Camp watch! According to the place where they are now, 95625, over! "

After receiving the information, the red force stopped the blue force group in several steps. The sounds of battle were heard, and the flames lit up the sky. Under the attack of the red force, the blue force had to change the vehicle route and continued to advance on the red force.

Listening to the sound of the battle all over the place, Fiona asked the people around her, "Why is the sound so loud? It doesn't look like fake. Are we really using empty bullets? Is the bullet quiet safe? "

"Miss Fiona, you are thinking too much. You will be fine." It was a man who answered. To be exact, almost all members of their red force camp were men.

The voice had rang for two hours. At the dawn, someone came to report, "Our force 'fall in the battle' 76 members, has fought against the blue force for four rounds, but they have arrived at the front of my array."

The red force commander frowned and said, "The attack from the blue force is really fierce!"

Fiona pressed her lips. In the depth of more than ten kilometers, the red force had set hundreds of defensive barriers at the front of the spot, so the people of the blue force could not pass through for the time being.

"Just let them to remove the obstacles first!" The red force commander continued, "Now, all the people in your team are divided into two groups, one from the back and the other from the right. Third team break out from the front relying on defensive work, and they must be surrounded!"

"Yes, sir!"

Hence, a petite figure appeared in the red circle.

Although walking slowly among a group of men, Fiona didn't think it was a good idea for her to survive. On the one hand, she was a member of a red force. On the other hand, she had two bodyguards protecting her. As a result, she determined to survive.

"Miss Fiona, there is a forest ahead. Let's put on some c

er next move, he caught her right hand and grabbed the weapon from her.

"You..." Shocked, Fiona bit her lips and said after a short pause, "Kill me."

"How can I bear to kill you?" He continued to fiddle with the weapon, "But, it's in the wilderness. If you want me to release you, hahah..." He looked at her up and down with a sly smile.

"You..." Fiona quickly reached out her hand and stood in front of him to stop him. "Hey, Spencer, don't be ridiculous," she said

"I'm not kidding. You don't allow me to sleep with you every day. I've wanted to..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Fiona covered his mouth with her hand. She flushed with embarrassment. "If you continue to say that, I will end my life! '"After saying that, Fiona frowned and looked around. She warned, "Spencer! This is a military exercise. Don't talk nonsense! Could you please be a little more serious? "

"What? Tired? Don't you want to play it anymore? " Pulling down Fiona's hand, Spencer asked concernedly.

"……" With one hand on her forehead, Fiona said, "Yes, I don't want to play it anymore, so get rid of me quickly!"

"No, I haven't had enough yet." Spencer drew back the gun and said with a smile, "Now you're my capture. Just follow me."

"Capture?" "I don't think that's true for this drill," Fiona continued, frowning

"I'm the chief commander. If I say there is, then there must be this kind of saying." With a complacent look, he added, "But if you are tired, I can carry you on my back."

Fiona was moved for just a second, but as soon as she thought of the situation she was in, she asked, "Don't you care about the result of the military exercise?"

"Well, I'm the chief commander of the military exercise and the instructor of the third team. Of course I care about the result. However, it's because of my identity of double rank that I'm in a conflict. As the chief commander, I must be fair. However, I will be selfish to favor your third teammates. I hope you can win, so it's better to wait for the result. "

"But it can't be played like this, right?"

"Then let's be serious."

"Seriously What? " Fiona was confused.

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