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   Chapter 286 Maneuvers Between The Two Sides

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The day before the military exercise, footsteps echoed in the hall. When it was time to make the final arrangement, Fiona was requested to go to the enemy's camp—the red team. Without any delay, she dragged Spencer out of the meeting room. "Spencer, what do you mean?" she asked in disbelief.

"Hey, don't drag me like this. It's detrimental to your image!" said Spencer. However, a complacent smile broke onto his face. Being close to her made him happy.

"All of the female soldiers are in the blue team. Do you want me to be a spy?" With a frown, Fiona led Spencer to a secluded place.

"No! It's so dangerous to be a spy. I don't want you to do that!" Spencer flashed a smile. "I will send two people to follow and protect you at any time!"

"You..." Fiona was baffled. She complained, "This is a military exercise. I don't need to take part in it in person at all. I just have to do it because of you. Maybe I will get eliminated as soon as the exercise starts. But now, you want to send people to protect me. Don't you think it is ridiculous? I don't agree with your plan!"

"Well, I have a reason to send you to the red team." Spencer's tone became serious, but he couldn't help but feel sorry for her. "Fiona, please listen to me this time. Do what I ask, please. Otherwise, you'll force me to order you as a superior."

"You're so despicable!" Fiona turned her face away in resentment.

"Ahem!" Spencer cleared his throat. "Well, now that you said so, I have to do something to be worthy of being despicable. As the chief commander, I order you to join the red team. Please try your best during the three-day training."

Fiona frowned and bit her lips. Despite her reluctance, she could only salute him. "Yes, sir."

Restraining himself from laughing, Spencer nodded and said playfully, "Well, that's my good girl."

Dropping her hand, Fiona stood straight and said nothing. A scowl painted her face.

"Hey, are you angry?" Spencer changed to a playful look. "I just find that it's good for you to stay in the base all the time. At least, when you refuse to listen to me, I can give you an order." The more he talked, the more excited Spencer became. "In this case, you have to listen to me obediently. Ha-ha, that's great! Fiona, don't leave the base. You're my soldier."

Lowering her head, Fiona replied, "I have already submitted my letter of resignation and was approved by my superior. Mr. Cheng, you're too late!"


"Mr. Cheng!"

While they were talking, Robert suddenly ran over. He stood a few steps away from Friona and Spencer. With a salute, Robert said to Spencer, "Mr. Cheng, tomorrow is the first day of the exercise. We will be transferred to our respective camps tonight. The others are ready. The meeting will begin soon. Please come to make the final arrangement."

"Okay, sure." Spencer nodded. Suddenly, he kissed Fiona on the forehead and then left quickly. "I'm going to have a meeting. Wait for me. I'll be back soon."

Hearing that, Fiona sneered. But before she could say anything, Spencer already strode away. Alt

sk. "Ruby, this is the letter of approval for a kid's checking in the hospital the day after tomorrow. Please sign it."

Ruby took the document and gave it a glance. "The child who has congenital heart disease?"

"Yes, it is. She is so pitiful! She was abandoned by her parents when she was only a few months old."

Ruby sighed helplessly. She signed her name and said, "This is not a thing we can control. What we should do is help these kids. Here you go."

"Thank you, Ruby." Taking the form, the employee was about to turn around and leave, but Ruby stopped her.

"Wait!" Ruby thought for a while and said, "Take Sarah to the hospital with us the day after tomorrow. She had a fever not long ago. And the children in our orphanage often get a fever. You'd better schedule a check-up for Sarah. Otherwise, I will be worried about her. By the way, I'm thinking of taking Sarah for this year's vaccine."

"Okay. I understand."

In the yard, Sarah was riding the merry-go-round. When she saw the kids on the slide, she said with admiration, "I also want to play with the slide!"

"Sarah, you can't play with that yet. Just wait for your next birthday." said the caretaker with a smile.

"Okay! Yehey!" Upon hearing this, Sarah burst into cheers. "Mom said that I am going to have my birthday soon!"

"Yeah, you'll be one year older."

"Francis, are you sure it's her?" On the third floor of the apartment building opposite to the orphanage, Charles stood in front of the window. With his arms folded across his chest, he looked at Sarah. After a while, he nodded and said, "She looks like Spencer."

"Don't worry, sir. The information can't be wrong."

"Great!" Charles nodded slightly. "We will find an opportunity to do it as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir!"

"For now, let's visit an old friend."

"An old friend? Is it Ryan?" asked Francis with a frown.

Charles pursed his lips and gave an unfathomable smile. "No, I mean an old friend who just came back from abroad. An old friend who has totally fallen into disfavor."

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