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   Chapter 284 Are We Going To Sleep Together Tonight

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The training was still going on desert for more than ten days without a stop, which made the women in the third team go dirty and they were unable to tell the difference between men and women. When they went to the bathroom to take a shower at night, they only washed out muddy water.

But it was not as good as Fiona. She had gone to all the training by herself, she didn't have to work so hard. But Spencer didn't let her go, and he pulled her every day. No one would get close to Mr. Spencer except Fiona. So a dozen days later, it was slightly dark all over Fiona's body, but her right hand was paler than usual.

"I'm so tired!" One day, after a day's training, Spencer walked towards their dormitory with Fiona.

"You just ran five kilometers with them today. How could you say you are tired?" Fiona snorted. They were strolling in the courtyard, hand in hand. It was not that Fiona wanted to have so much leisure time with Spencer, but that she knew she couldn't escape and could only accept her fate.

"Just because I haven't run for a long time, I'm tired!" He then added, "Besides, I can't sleep well on the floor every night." While saying, he raised his hand and patted his shoulder, pretending to be saying that.

"Really? Mr. Spencer, do you mean that you are going to move back to your room and sleep on your soft bed tonight? " Fiona pretended that she didn't get his point. "I'll ask Karl to take away your stuffs."

"Hey Please don't! " He then pretended to be shy and said, "I mean, can I share a bed with you tonight?"

"Cough You can't! Of course not! " Fiona shook her head immediately. For the past few days, Spencer slept on the floor quietly. Although he often did something with her in the name of 'good night kiss', he didn't go too far in front of Fiona because of her serious tone. Fiona thought that he just changed his personality and hid it deeply. It turned out that he had hidden his real feelings.

"Why not? I promise I won't do anything. " Spencer raised his hands to swear, "I just want to have a good sleep in your arms. It's not the first time we have slept in the same bed, we We even have Sarah. Don't be shy! "

The redness on Fiona's face deepened. But in the end, her face suddenly changed. "We have divorced, and Sarah is my own child."

"You are too proud to have a baby by yourself!" He was still grinning from ear to ear.

"You..." Fiona's face flushed. She was speechless at his shameless behavior. She frowned and said, "No way! Any extramarital affair should be condemned and prohibited! It's a serious violation of discipline and you shall bear a great punishment! You must cut off this idea. "

Hearing this, Spencer raised his eyebrows and nodded approvingly. "Miss Fiona, you are very smart."

"It's good that you know it." Fiona glared at him.

"Then we'll

s panic'. When I saw the video, I was completely in a panic. With Celine's messed up, I I was stupefied. I could not tell whether you were innocent or not as long as I thought of the possibility that you might be drugged by Charles I'm sorry. "

"I mind that you don't trust me." Fiona stared at him with red eyes, "But no matter how I explained to you back then, you just wouldn't listen to me.

On the other side of the phone, Sarah's cries were becoming lower and lower. When she saw that the two men on the phone didn't talk to her anymore, she felt curious and aggrieved. She turned her head and asked Ruby, "Auntie Ruby, what was my mother talking to Spencer?"

"What?" Ruby asked in confusion, "How does you know his name?"

"He told me." Sarah smiled, "He still wants to be my father!"

Ruby raised her eyebrow, "Do you think he can be your father?"

After a while, Sarah rolled her eyes and said, "He has a gun."

"So what?"

"So he's awesome." After a short pause, Sarah chuckled and said, "He is very strong."

"He is so great. Is he qualified to be your father? Do you feel happy when he tells you that he is your father? Do you want him to be your father? " Ruby looked forward to the result and asked several questions.

"Then What about uncle Ryan? " Sarah asked naively.

Ruby was stunned and thought, 'Yes, but what about Ryan...

"Don't you believe me now? I promise you that you are the only one I can see in this world. "

"Let's talk about it later."

Fiona and Spencer were still quarreling. Blinking her eyes, Sarah plunged herself into Ruby's arms and murmured, "I'm sleepy."

"If you are sleepy, you can just close your eyes and sleep." Ruby tapped Sarah gently and said, "Your daddy and mommy will come back together in a couple of days. Sarah is so happy!"

"Who's father?" Sarah asked while yawning.

"He is the one with a gun!"

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