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   Chapter 282 Complaisant Mr. Spencer

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It seemed that Fiona had heard the sound of her chin broken. She raised her head and saw that everyone was opening their mouths as if they were some kind of monster staring at them, as if what Spencer had just said was out of the blue.

Although shocked, Fiona was much calmer than the person in front of her. She stared at him and shouted, "What the hell are you talking about, Spencer?"

"I am telling the truth!" Suddenly, he patted his chest pocket and said, "I still have the marriage certificate with me! Let's go for dinner. " After that, he took a few steps forward with Fiona and walked up to Robert. Suddenly, he stopped and patted Robert on the shoulder, "Robert, my wife and I are going to have dinner now!"

Robert smiled awkwardly and took a look at Fiona. There was some inquiry and some sadness.

"We, we are going to have dinner first." Fiona pretended that she didn't understand Robert. She nodded awkwardly and left with Spencer, blushing.

"It's Did he take Fiona to the Civil Affairs Bureau that night? " Janice stared blankly at the two people.

"Probably," Karl nodded his head and smiled at her kindly. "Mr. Spencer is a man of action." Then he hurried to chase after the two men.

"Hey, Spencer! Let go of me!" As Fiona struggled along the way, she attracted more attention from the people around her. She felt ashamed, ashamed and sad. "Spencer, the marriage certificate in your pocket is already useless."

He stopped and turned back suddenly. He lifted their hands which had been in contact and said, "So I won't let you go."

"…… Why? " Fiona was a little surprised.

"Because I'm afraid that you might elope with others." Said Spencer as he tightened his grip on the their hands. "Without those two certificates, I'm really afraid that I can't handle you well More than a month ago, when I just arrived at NJ City base, " said Spencer with a sudden chuckle. " you actually said that it was the first time we met, and you actually said that we didn't know each other. Do you really want to turn my back on you if I can't remember anything? "

His words brought out the most important thing in Fiona's heart. Her face flushed crimson, but she remembered what he had said. Should she question him why he had divorced her? Should she ask why he forgot her?

"But it doesn't matter." Noticing the hesitant look on her face, Spencer continued, "Even if you don't accept me, I will find you."

"Yes?" Fiona asked in doubt.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he continued walking forward. "Have you forgotten that? When we went to CL Mountain, I thought it was my first time to see you, but I insisted I insisted falling in love with you. So, don't run away, Fiona. No matter how many times I lose my memory, I will find you and fall in love with you. "

Overwhelmed by warmth, Fiona was slightly moved, but at a loss.

"Spencer, you are too disgusting!" "Let go of me!" Fiona said, trying to break the intense atmosphere.

"I have told you that I won't let her go." He hummed and continued, "In the past few ye

Janice immediately looked away and ran toward the direction where the sound came from.

"Haha." Spencer then turned to look at Fiona and gave her a wicked smile, which made her shiver.

After a day of training, today for everyone, the biggest talked should be the relationship between Spencer and Fiona. It was said that James had called Spencer's father, but he just said, "let them go." the chief commander of the base of N Country also called James back, with the words "let them go". Being at a loss for a long time, James spoke to the subordinates, "Let them go."

After dinner, Fiona wanted to go back to the tent to have a rest, and Spencer followed her without scruple.

"Let me go. I need to go back and rest."

"No, I'll go with you."

"Can you stop being so childish? I'm going to sleep! "

"So what?"

"I'm really angry with you, Spencer! I'm going to sleep. Are you coming with me? "

At the door of Fiona's tent, the two started to quarrel. Noticing that her face didn't look good, Spencer let out a deep sigh. "I'm sleeping on the floor, okay?"

"No way."

"I just want to see you..."

"No way."

"Okay, I'll wait at the door." He then continued, "You can go back to sleep now." Then he let go of her arms and kissed on Fiona's cheek when she wasn't noticed.

"You..." Fiona ground her teeth and opened the door. The door was banged shut.

Spencer rubbed his nose and sat down in front of Fiona's door. After a while, a group of people who had just returned from the meeting passed by, and saw Spencer sitting pitifully at the door of Fiona's dormitory room. They were secretly laughing, but could only salute him seriously.

"Mr. Spencer!"

"Drillmaster Cheng!"

"Hello, madam!"

After Fiona washed up, she heard the greeting from the people outside. She pinched her nose and opened the door. With his back to the door, Spencer greeted cheerfully. When he heard the sound of the door opening, he immediately turned around and smiled warmly, "Hi, Fiona!"

"Come in." Fiona's face darkened and said.

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