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   Chapter 280 His Ruthlessness Stemmed From Affection

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There was nothing in the desert but yellow sand for miles. After jumping from the helicopter, Spencer staggered as he tried to keep his balance. His eyes were fixed on Fiona. He felt scared that he would forget her if he did so much as blink.

"It's Mr. Cheng! Mr. Cheng is here!"

"What's he looking at?"

The female soldiers began whispering among themselves. Crystal stood in front of the group, looking at Spencer. When she turned to see what he was staring at, she saw that it was Fiona, who was sitting inside the car. Judging by the look they gave one another, she could tell that something was going on between them.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Standing next to Crystal, Janice couldn't help but remark at the meaningful look the two shared. "Mr. Cheng is different when he is with Fiona."

Crystal's eyes darkened as soon as she heard her words. She had known as much since the time she deliberately let Fiona fall from her shoulders. She could never forget how Spencer berated her for the incident. He looked at her as if she had broken his most important possession.

"You have to train harder, Crystal," Janice said as she patted her shoulder. "You're the most talented person in our team. You should perform well in this operation."

"Yes, ma'am!" Crystal regained her composure and gave Janice a salute.

Meanwhile, Fiona and Spencer had been looking at each other for what felt like an eternity. The more they stared, the more tenderness and love he showed in his eyes. Without looking away from her, he took a step forward and approached the car.

Reaching the vehicle, he ordered the driver without even looking at him, "Get out!"

"Yes, sir!" The driver immediately opened the car door and rushed out trembling with fear.

Spencer got in and took his seat beside Fiona. His face looked expressionless as he glanced at her. Without saying anything, he started the car all of a sudden. The soldiers silently watched. No one stopped them, understanding that the two must need their privacy.

The engine hummed as they drove through the sand.

Dust scattered in the wind as the wheels of the car turned.

Shocked, Fiona asked, "Where are we going?"

"Somewhere we can talk alone." Spencer gripped the stirring wheel so tightly that his veins looked like they were about to pop.

The area was completely deserted save from the people from N City's base. The car coursed through the darkness. Inside, both of them stayed silent.

They had driven several hundred meters before the vehicle finally reached a halt.

Seeing that they were completely isolated from the rest of the group, Spencer stopped the car. "Fiona..." His voice was soft, but it contained very strong emotions.

"Yes?" Fiona's eyes were brimming with tears. "You..." Before she could finish her words, Spencer had pulled her into his arms. He held her so tightly, it seemed as if he

yed. "So you know everything? I didn't mean to forget you. And I certainly didn't mean to mistake your necklace design for hers. She did take credit for the necklace as it's sold in the market."

Fiona bit her lips and remained silent.

"What's wrong, Fiona?" Spencer asked. "Is all this too much to take? Are you overwhelmed that I've recovered my memories? Don't worry. I will give you more time to—"

"No, it's not that." Fiona looked at him. "You've been ruthless and distrusting. It doesn't matter if your memories are back. Clearing past misunderstandings now won't change a thing between us. Your relationship with Celine is your business. We're divorced, right?"

Spencer's face fell when he heard her words. "I'm sorry, Fiona. I had no choice back then. I admit that I was angry when I saw the video. I really thought that Charles had his way with you. I'm sorry. But I know now that Sarah's our child. She's our child, Fiona!"

Tears welled up in Fiona's eyes again.

"The reason I asked for a divorce was to protect you from being investigated. I was afraid that it would be too much for you given that you were pregnant at the time. I was scared that your body wouldn't be able to handle the stress of being heavily interrogated. At the same time, I had to comfort Celine. If she caused a scene right then, it would have made things more difficult for us. Also, I wasn't sure that I would be coming out of my mission alive. So I signed the divorce agreement. In case I didn't come back, I didn't want you to be trapped in a marriage with a dead husband." Spencer looked Fiona in the eye as he smoothed her hair. "You're still so young. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I made you a widow at such a young age."

"You..." Fiona had never considered that Spencer had put so much thought in that decision. She didn't realize that his ruthlessness stemmed from affection and was driven by the deepest love.

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