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   Chapter 279 Wait For Me

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Fiona was going away for a month. Sophia felt that she would miss her while she was away, so she asked George to take her to say goodbye to Fiona. They went to the base, accompanied by Ryan and Sarah.

"That's it!" Eric said, walking out of the office with Fiona. He was surprised to see Sophia, George, Ryan, and Sarah approaching them.

The moment he saw the child Sophia had in her arms, he exclaimed, "Fiona, is that your daughter?"

"Yes." Fiona nodded with a smile.

"Wow..." Meanwhile, as soon as Sarah saw Fiona, she burst into tears and reached out to jump into her arms. "Mommy, please don't go..." She couldn't stop crying even after Fiona held her.

"You're a good girl, Sarah. Don't cry. This is the last time, okay? When I return, I won't leave you again. We'll have a lot of time to spend with each other. I will stay home and play with you every day." Fiona tried to console her and patted her back.

"Fiona, are you going to leave the base? Has your superior given her permission?" Ryan stepped forward, his eyes gleaming.

Fiona gave him a nod and replied, "Yeah." The second Sophia heard that, she clapped her hands in excitement and stroked Sarah's hair.

"That's great! Isn't it, Sarah? You can spend all day with your mom!" Sophia could hardly contain her happiness.

"But I want my mom now," Sarah pouted. The little girl wrapped her arms around Fiona tightly, afraid that she might leave if she loosened her grip. Her face shimmered from the tears and she sniffled.

Eric stood in a corner, admiring Sarah. He thought that she looked exactly like Spencer in his childhood photos. Even if it wasn't for Sarah's striking resemblance to her dad, Eric had never once thought that Fiona would sleep with another man. He could somehow tell that Sarah was Spencer's daughter.

He noticed George casting a hostile look at him and smiled.

George snorted and turned away. Feeling awkward, Eric rubbed his nose.

"By the way, this operation is not dangerous or anything, right? Are you going to participate too? You can't even run for long, Fiona. You'd better not participate in such activities," Sophia said with a worried look.

George clicked his tongue and frowned. He suddenly hit Sophia on her head and said, "Can't you say something nice?"

Sophia glared at him. "Well... I didn't mean that! Fiona, you know I was just babbling. Don't take it personally. By the way, be careful wherever you go. And I'll throw a party for you when you come back!"

"Okay," Fiona said with a smile.

"Be careful, Fiona," George said in a low voice.

"Thank you, George," Fiona replied.

With a warm smile on his face, Ryan looked at her eagerly. "Fiona, I'll be waiting for you to come back too. Your birthday is coming soon, and I have arranged a special birthday gift just for you."

Fiona was dumbfounded. Ryan's feelings for her gave her a lot of pressure.

"Uncle Ryan, is there a gift for me too? I want a gift too," Sarah asked shyly and batted her eyelashes at him.

Ryan chuckled. He stroked Sarah's face tenderly and said, "Of course, there will be lots of gif

t to wait for me, okay?" he repeated.

Fiona nodded. "Okay," she said, tears continuing to pour down her cheeks.

Spencer straightened himself up and was about to say goodbye to her, but something struck his mind and he said, "I also remember the truth about the baby..."

"I didn't touch Fiona. That video was a fake! The child she's carrying is yours!" Spencer grimaced and closed his eyes in pain as another memory flashed in his mind. He suddenly felt thankful for Charles telling him the truth so that he wouldn't make stupid mistakes again.

Fiona gritted her teeth, feeling uncomfortable. 'Is he going to say Sarah's not his kid again?' she thought to herself.

"I'm so sorry, Fiona. I'm really sorry. Sarah is my daughter. I am her dad! I'm sorry, Fiona, I'm sorry! I'm Sarah's father!" He repeated his words over and over again, choking back his sobs.

When she heard those words, Fiona was overwhelmed. She whimpered and thought that although all her sadness couldn't be lifted off her in one day, she was relieved to hear that Spencer finally knew the truth. She was eager to tell him everything that happened in the past few years.

As the driver watched Fiona crying, he couldn't help but feel bad for her. Fiona held her phone in her hand, crying hard.

The long drive came to a halt after about an hour.

"Miss Ji," the driver called out when he saw that she had buried her head into her elbows. Fiona was still in tears when he gently said to her, "We've arrived. Will you be getting out, now?"

But before she could answer, a buzzing noise came from above.

They raised their heads and saw a helicopter. The noise grew louder and louder as the helicopter got closer to the ground. It raised dust clouds, making people shut their eyes.

The helicopter landed in front of the convoy and the engine slowly stopped.

The propeller, too, slowed down.


A man's voice came as he got off the helicopter. He looked quite nervous as he stared at Fiona.

"Spencer?" Fiona raised her head and looked at him through the car window.

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