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   Chapter 278 Memories Swept In

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10139

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At this time, the people who were preparing for the drill in NJ City base had been ready to go. The troops were so large. The drill game was going to be held at the junction of the deserts of the NJ City and M City. What they should do now was to adapt to the environment and do the final training.

"Where is Mr. Spencer?"

"Yeah, I heard that he is the chief commander! Where is he? "

"Maybe he went there in advance."

"Why didn't he say goodbye to us?"

Hearing the girls chirping among themselves, Fiona turned around and left in silence. It had been four or five days since he entered the base, but there was still no news about him. Ethan said that he's out of danger now.

"Miss Fiona!" "Someone is looking for me." a voice came from behind

"Looking for me?" Turning around, Fiona asked doubtfully, "Who?"

"It's me."

A familiar voice sounded. Looking into the distance, Fiona was surprised first, and then smiled when she realized it. "Eric."

It was in Four Seasons Scenery in M City. Spencer drove his car there smoothly, and all the vehicle routes were in his memory, and even the housing estate did not change.


The moment Spencer opened the door and got out of the car, the hospital uniform he wore still attracted a lot of curious eyes. He ignored those stares and headed for the 'home' smoothly.

Standing outside the door, Spencer opened his mouth and wanted to enter the password for several times, but for some reason, his nose, throat and eyes were both sore and aching.

"You said you want to live here?"

"Spencer, you went for a morning exercise? Then what breakfast are you going to have? "

"Hey! Don't touch my drawing board! "

He could hear the voice in his memory from all sides, as if he could see Fiona when he opened the door. Spencer suddenly pressed the password. With a click, the door opened.

The sun poured in through the window and dust rose in the room, making the room more tranquil. Everything in the apartment was still the same. The only difference was that every corner of the room was covered with thick dust.

He didn't want to disturb the silence of the room.

The piano was lying quietly by the French window. There were drawing paint remained in the corner of the living room, and the bowls and chopsticks in the kitchen seemed to have just been washed. There was even a towel hanging on the balcony

Spencer stood at the door not far away, looking around the room. It seemed that Fiona was coming and going. But as soon as he moved, those figures disappeared like bubbles. His head was a little dizzy, but he still walked forward step by step. He walked to the door of the master bedroom and gently pushed the door open.

"Since nothing happened, then prove your innocence to me!"

"Spencer, I hate you! I hate you! "

It seemed that the room was still filled with the scent of Fiona. However, when he was about to move inside, he put his hands on his head in pain. All of a sudden, he thought of something, stumbling towards his be

ocked to believe what she had seen. Was she important to Spencer? Was she so important that he hated her?

Knock, knock, knock——

All of a sudden, someone knocked at the door. Shocked, Fiona patted her face and shouted towards the door, "What's up?"

"Miss Fiona, everyone is ready. Let me remind you that we should gather together in ten minutes."

"Okay, I know. I'll be right there."


"You follow to the training exercise? Are we leaving now? " Asked Eric.

"Yes." Fiona nodded and stood up. "Eric, I have to go now. By the way... " After taking a short pause, Fiona didn't know what to say. "You said that he has woken up. Is he still going to perform?"

"Why not? He is the main commander, how could he not go! This is his task. " Eric smiled. "Besides, he has regained his memory. He must be looking for you."

With her eyebrows knitted, Fiona suddenly laughed at herself, "So what? He's still him and I'm still me." The wrong things he had done and those that she had been constantly awakened in the nightmare had not changed.

"I have told you so much. Don't you understand?" "I should have asked Terence to come with me. He must have known it better than me," Eric blurted out Since Fiona still didn't want to mention Spencer, Eric decided to make a clean explanation with her. "Mr. Spencer was forced to divorce you. When I saw him sign the papers, his hand was shaking. It took him a long while to finally sign his name."

Fiona's heart jolted. It seemed as if she had been struck by lightning.

"Besides, Mr. Spencer once told me that he agreed to let you have a baby and even if the baby in your belly belongs to another person, he agreed. He said he would do anything for you as long as you are fine. "

"When Mr. Spencer woke up two days ago, he remembered the matter about the Maple Leaf Necklace. Nothing happened between him and Mr. Spencer. It was Celine's lie The child who was pushed away by you is also not Mr. Spencer's... "

"Mr. Spencer, he's been loving you..."

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