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   Chapter 277 I Don't Remember I Love Her

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9990

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Spencer had never been so ruthless and cold-blooded, and he had always been ruthless to his enemies. But since he could say "take as a passer-by" to the people around him, he must be extremely angry and heated.


"I won't beat woman. Don't force me to make an exception! Fuck off! Get out of here! " Spencer shouted as he flung off her hand coldly. He looked around the corridor. The anger and looming sadness almost enveloped everyone around him, and some of his body seemed to be shouting and rushing out.

Silence, deathly silence

Spencer turned around and was about to leave.

"Where are you going, Spencer?" Shouted Terence.

"To find my memories back." Yet, Spencer didn't even look back.

Celine was weak and couldn't stand any more. She staggered and leaned against the wall, tears streaming down her face.

"Have you remembered anything?" "Where are you going to get your memories back?" asked Terence, unwilling to give up

"Don't follow me, Terence!" Spencer scolded, "You have kept this from me. I'll talk to you later!"

"What did I hide from you?" Terence followed him all the way. "Are you talking about what happened between you and Fiona?"

He then stopped walking and changed the topic, "I'm talking about the thing that I've lost my memory! Why are you hiding it from me? Why did you lie to me that I lost my memory because of a brain injury? I did I was injected by Charles with some unknown drugs. "

"If I tell you the truth, will you really endure your bad temper and not go to get even with Charles?" Terence stopped in front of Spencer, "If you knew you were drugged, would you still take the treatment obediently? If you knew what happened to Charles, Fiona's problem would also be exposed, you wouldn't be able to stand it. "

Spencer then looked away and said nothing.

"How did you know what you asked Celine?" Frowning, Terence asked, "What drug did she drug you?"

"You don't understand?" Asked Spencer.

"Philter?" Terence raised his eyebrows. He asked in a straightforward way, "Did Charles give her?"

Spencer glanced at Terence without saying a word, but there was a look of affirmation in his eyes. His mind was in a mess just now, but he had already caught the point. Charles used to be Celine's boss. In the airport, unexpectedly, he appeared with Celine. At the time when Fiona was caught, Celine was also captured. He had thought of thousands of connections, but only the relationship between Charles and Celine. If he thought carefully

"I got it." Terence patted on Spencer's shoulder and said with a smile, "Don't take these trifles to heart. I am sure that Charles can't escape. Now the most important thing is to find Fiona. You have remembered everything this time, she..."

"But I have forgotten the fact that I love her." After hearing what Terence said, Spencer opened his mouth. There was a deep and restless heart hidden in his calm appearance.

Terence chuckled in disbelief. "Don't be so dr

cer driving away from a distance. Eric asked, "Where is Mr. Spencer going? And that's not the way to go to NJ City. "

"I guess," said Terence, patting Eric on the shoulder. "He will go back to either the Four Seasons Scenery or the D University."

"Why?" Eric asked, "At this point, he should go to find Fiona first."

"He just woke up. Maybe he need some time to digest." Terence smiled. He knew that Spencer was looking for his memory. Only Fiona's family or school could remind him of what had happened in the past. "It should be you who went to find Fiona. I believe it's time for you to give Fiona your answer. I believe that Fiona has a lot of things that she doesn't know. "

"Oh! You're right! Oh, yes! " Eric nodded his head to show his agreement. "Oh, I almost forget it. I have to talk to Fiona. Mr. Spencer has no choice but to divorce with her at that time! I want to say this for nearly three years! " Then he walked back and forth anxiously, looked at Terence and clapped her hands. "I'll do it right now!"

"Wow, it's sunny in M City. I told you we came at the right time."

There was a luxurious cruise ship going on smoothly in the coastal waters in the east of M City. On the cruise, many tall hot beauties in bikini walked back and forth with wine glasses, attracting a lot of attention.

There was a strong and tall man lying on the deck, sipping the champagne. Some emotions could be seen in his eyes under the sunglasses, but the corner of his mouth was slightly upward, which gave others a mysterious smile.

"Boss, you are right." The man next to him looked up at the blue sky and white clouds, and spoke respectfully.

"Are we almost there?" The man asked lazily.

"Yes." The man looked at his watch and said, "There are only 40 minutes left before we come ashore."

"Great!" The man nodded and drank the last mouthful of champagne in the glass. He hadn't been back to M City for three years. Are you okay, my brother? 'Fiona Are you all right?

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