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   Chapter 276 Ending Their Relationship

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Celine sat in the long and cold hospital corridor, holding her head in frustration. She had been forced to leave M City twice, and now, she'd returned for a second time, all for Spencer. However, there was nothing but embarrassment left for her in the end.

It came as quite a surprise to her that Spencer had regained his memories right when she was returning home. He had told her that she could never replace Fiona. Did he really consider Fiona to be that important to him? Even now, Celine wasn't sure if Spencer was in love with her or if she had just gotten lucky being with him when he had lost his memories. It seemed that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't keep him away from Fiona for long. She had thought she had luck on her side this time, but she was wrong. In the end, it was all for nothing. She had gotten nothing!

She suddenly heard Anna's voice coming from outside. "Celine, Celine dear, do you want something to eat?" Anna walked up to her and stroked her face lovingly. Then, she gently brushed Celine's hair away from her face.

Celine slapped her hand away and roared, "Don't touch me! If you want to stay with the Cheng family, I won't call you my mother anymore. And don't pretend like you actually care about me!"

Anna was furious. She couldn't digest what she'd just heard. She muttered, "We haven't seen each other in three years! Is this how you talk to me? And what do you mean I'm not your mother? Do you even know the kind of hardships the family had to endure in the last three years? These three years have been hell! And I went through all that alone. I had no one to support me." Although Anna had spoken her mind out of spite, she couldn't help but worry.

"What does it matter to me? What they do is none of my business," Celine replied coldly. She banged the armrests of the chair and sprang up from her seat all of a sudden. She cast an icy stare at her mother and said in a firm voice, "You sent me abroad, didn't you? If Spencer hadn't come looking for me, I would never have been able to come back. You chose to stay with the Cheng family. It was your decision. And it serves you right that they left you to handle all their problems. Even though I was turned away and sent abroad, you still shamelessly stuck with Spencer's dad⁠—"

Before she could finish her sentence, Anna slapped her across her face in one swift motion.

Standing in the empty corridor, Anna roared, "Do you even hear yourself? I married Spencer's father! We are husband and wife. You and Spencer, on the other hand, are siblings. Do you hear me? I said Spencer is your brother."

Celine covered her cheek, which had now turned red. Then, laughing maniacally, she said, "Siblings? Have you ever seen siblings behave like us? I won't call you my mom anymore. I will be with Spencer. You can't stop us. You and his dad can do whatever⁠—"

Anna once again drew her hand back and flung it hard, landing a cracking slap across Celine's face and silencing her.

Immediately, she burst into tears and shouted, "Celine! Have you gone insane? What's this nonsense you're talking about? Stop this madness! Do you want people to laugh at us like we're a joke? Please, think it through. You'll know that you're making a mistake."

"Why? Do you think that you and I are the laughingstock?" Celine was enraged, but Anna's words amused her and she burst into laughter.

Hearing the commotion, the head nurse walked up to them and pleaded, "Please don't make any noise, we have patients who are resting. If you two are going to continue your bickering, you might want to take it outside."

"Mrs. Cheng, let's go out!" Their nanny rushed to Anna's side, trying to protect her. She then turned and asked Celine, "Miss, would you like to come with us?"

"No! I'm not going anywhere that she is going!" Celine grumbled. She slumped to the bench in the corridor.

"But⁠—" The nanny tried to p

ked almost identical to Spencer, standing like that.

"Celine..." Anna's faint voice came from behind. Clutching her chest, she felt as though her heart was going to burst and she was about to collapse to the floor.

"Charles?" Celine breathed. Her face hardened as she frantically tried to manipulate Spencer. "Charles is the bad guy. How can you trust his words over mine? Spencer, don't you believe me? How would I have dared to drug you? He's filled your head with lies! And the baby⁠—"

"How did you manage to find out about your pregnancy within just three days? Are you going to tell the truth or do you want me to investigate? Do you think I can't find out the truth now that it's been three years since that happened? If you don't stop with the lies, I'll take you to P City right now! Come with me!" Spencer bellowed, grabbing her arm and dragging her away.

"No! Let go of me. I don't want to go with you," Celine protested. She desperately tried to break free from his grip.

"Spencer, calm down!" Terence said. He rushed to them and pulled them apart. "Don't act out of haste. Let her go!"

"I have been kept in the dark for too long! My memories...they're returning, and now I can even feel what I was feeling back then. I hate myself. She lied to me! She wasn't pregnant with my child! It was all a lie," Spencer roared like a furious beast.

Celine was so terrified that she began to cry. "I...I⁠..."

But before she could explain, Spencer interrupted her and said, "I have always turned a blind eye to what you do. I know everything about you, so I let it slide as long as it's not illegal or immoral. You can pretend all you want, but you never should have lied to me! This was your plan all along, wasn't it?"

Celine's mind went blank under the pressure of the situation. She couldn't even speak as she faced Spencer's burning question, surrounded by people.

Suddenly, he moved close to her and whispered in her ear, "Even in that summer camp we went to when I were sixteen, you were the one who took the initiative to seduce me in the tent, remember? I don't care if I was your first man. Everything you did later on has really hurt me. We can't go back now."

"Spencer..." Celine's eyes went wide and she felt terrified of him as she stood there.

"Anyway, Celine, I hope we can come to terms with this. From now on, you and I are done. Since you won't bring yourself to accept me as your brother, let's be strangers to each other. If you want to keep the ring, please do. Anyway, since you've already worn it, it has become tainted," Spencer said in a low voice.

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