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   Chapter 275 I Remember Everything

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9847

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The training of the third team was still going on in an orderly way in the NJ City base. Few people in the whole base knew that Spencer had fainted.

Fiona had been waiting for the final result. She didn't dare to go to the hospital to see Spencer, nor did she want to go. However, even if she didn't go, there were more and more news about Spencer. In other words, there were many old friends who had something to do with him. They came without invitation one by one.

"Miss Fiona, someone is looking for you." Three days had passed since Spencer fainted. When Fiona was working in her office, there was a knock on the door. "Are you available now?"

Frowning, Fiona said, "Come in."

Crack! Crack——

The door to the room was opened. Lowering her head, Fiona wrote the last few words on the document while saying, "Sit down, please."

But she didn't hear the man's footsteps. She quickly finished her handwriting. As soon as she raised her head, the gentle smile on her face suddenly froze.

Ethan! It was Ethan!

"Dad Mr. Ethan! " Shocked, Fiona sprang up from her seat, at a loss.

The door was closed by Ethan's assistant. He nodded with a smile and greeted, "Fiona, how are you?"

"Yes, Mr. Ethan." Fiona tried to calm down, "Everything is fine, Mr. Ethan. How are you?"

"Don't call me Mr. Ethan, please." Ethan waved his hand and said, "I still want you to call me daddy." After that, he looked at Fiona and sighed, "Or call me uncle Ethan?"

Fiona bit her dry lips and said, "Uncle Ethan, please have a seat."

He sat on the sofa and said, "Fiona, please sit down."

Did he mean to have a long talk with her?

Sitting opposite to Ethan, Fiona felt restrained and asked, "Are you here for business or..."

"I'm here for you." Ethan said directly, "Do you know that Spencer fainted?"

"I know." Fiona swallowed hard and apologized, "I'm sorry, uncle Ethan. I irritated him and made him faint. Is he okay? Is he awake? "

"Not yet." Ethan shook his head.

"I'm really sorry. I I am willing to make compensation and accept criticism. Anyway But I can't go to the hospital to see him. " While speaking, Fiona closed her eyes and felt as if a knife were piercing her heart.

"I don't mean to blame you. If I were afraid that you would provoke him, I wouldn't have transferred him from the M City base to the NJ City base, and he is your drillmaster. What's more, he is the drillmaster your third team."

"What?" Surprised, Fiona said, "I see. No wonder..."

Ethan smiled, "Yes. But we haven't seen each other for such a long time, I don't know how to tell you. I didn't know that Spencer divorced you before. He's been sick repeatedly these years, so I haven't come to see you. It was his fault to divorce you. "

"Let bygones be bygones." Fiona forced a smile and said, "There is no right or wrong."

"But do you want to live with Sarah for the rest of your life?" Ethan frowned. "Sarah is Spencer's chi

ed, "So... You really remembered everything?"

Terence patted Eric on the shoulder and thought, 'there must be something wrong with Spencer's expression!

"What's wrong with you, Spencer?" Asked Terence.

"I want to be alone for a while. You all get out." All of a sudden, Spencer lowered his head, trembling slightly.


"Okay!" Terence stopped what Eric was going to say, "Let's get out of here. You just woke up, you suddenly thought of so many things, and your brain burden is very heavy. Don't give yourself too much burden. We will stay outside. If anything happens, please call us. "

Spencer didn't answer, but all the people quietly retreated out of the ward.

"Celine." Just when everyone was about to walk out of the ward, Spencer suddenly opened his mouth and called out in a low voice. His voice was not loud, but was enough to intimidate and scare Celine.

"Spencer..." Smiling, Celine turned around and asked, "What's the matter?"

"You are my sister! Why did you hide it from me? Our love was dead a long time ago! You didn't design the Maple Leaf Necklace. Why did you admit it? " A self mocking smile appeared on his face. "It turns out that the necklace I have always protected is that woman whom I always think of. It's Fiona!"

"Spencer, I..."

"Do you think you can replace Fiona?" Before Celine could speak, Spencer snorted again, full of contempt and self mockery on his face.

"I I'm leaving now. " Celine bit her lip, turned around, squeezed out the crowd and ran out of the ward.

"You get out, too." Spencer waved his hand, and the crowd left the ward silently.

The quiet ward seemed to be empty. Suddenly, he covered his head with his hand and kept patting himself on the head. There must be something else he didn't remember! He remembered the scene of their wedding, the scene where she pointed a pistol at him, and the gunfire at the X Organization base. But he didn't remember that he loved her.

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