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   Chapter 273 This Is My Boyfriend

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"From now on, you're not allowed to go out alone. Got it?" As they sat at the dinner table, Fiona scolded Sarah. "How many times do I have to tell you not to go out on your own? If you do, you have to tell me!"

Sarah's mouth twitched. "But I went with Auntie!"

"No way." Fiona shook her head firmly. "Do you know how long I've been looking for you? I was so worried! I was looking for you since noon!"

"I'm sorry." To show her sincerity, Sarah bent over to kiss Fiona on the cheek. "Mom, I'm sorry."

"Your mouth's still oily," Fiona complained. "Don't do that again."

"Yes, Mom." Sarah repeatedly nodded.

Smiling, Fiona wiped the leftovers off Sarah's mouth.

"Since Fiona has become a mother, she has become more stern," Sophia smiled. "She treats Sarah like one of her soldiers."

George disagreed, "Fiona is still the same! She's gentle just like before."

"Much more gentle," said Ryan. The love in his eyes was undeniable.

A bit taken aback by his words, Fiona merely flashed him a smile.

"Wow, Ryan's eyes are full of affection," Sophia said in a low voice.

"It is probably because Spencer suddenly showed up." George sighed. 'Spencer, why did you have to come back again? Now you're going to ruin everyone's life again.'

After their meal, Fiona still had work, so she went out with Sarah in her arms. Sophia didn't even bother moving, refusing to go out with them.

"Fiona, I don't want to go. Just ask Ryan to come with you! You must like doing this, right, Ryan?" Sophia said bluntly.

"Yes." Ryan nodded his head and smiled. "Let's go! I'll hold Sarah." He opened his arms and said, "Sarah, do you want me to hold you?"

"Yes!" Sarah scurried into Ryan's arms.

Fiona smiled. "Then we're leaving now."

"You can go now!" Sophia waved her hand impatiently and ran to George. "I want to spend some time with George."

"Isn't that sweet?" Laughing mockingly, Fiona and Ryan exchanged glances as they headed to the door.

Sophia smiled and stuck her tongue out at George.

"Do you really want to spend time with me?" George raised his eyebrows.

"Of course."

"If that's the case, then why don't we do something meaningful?" he said, smiling knowingly.

"Something meaningful?" Sophia flashed him a charming smile as she softly caressed his chest. "It's been almost three years, and now you finally decide to do that, huh? Sleep with me and you'll be mine."

Visibly surprised, he pinched her nose and grabbed her hands. "Oh, wow, you're so shameless! I meant washing the dishes. Don't you want to do it after dinner?" He then headed to the kit

encer emphasized each word as if he was taunting her. "Break up with him! I want to be with you! I want to be Sarah's dad!"

Upon hearing this, Fiona felt a wave of emotions surge in her chest—shock, anger, self-mockery. Did Spencer just say that he wanted to be Sarah's father? Was he serious? Didn't that sound like the biggest joke in the world?

Understandably, Sarah was also a little stunned. She looked at Spencer and wondered, 'Will he be my father?'

Ryan was even more surprised, his eyes were widened. He glanced at Spencer. 'Wow, he really can't let Fiona go, ' he thought to himself.

"No way." Ryan was fuming. "You're not qualified to be Sarah's father, what more Fiona's boyfriend."

"So are you saying you are qualified?" Spencer looked at Ryan coldly. "Who do you think you are? You..."

"I won't allow you to hurt Fiona again! You may have forgotten what happened between you and Fiona three years ago, but we haven't!" Ryan roared, his face had reddened in anger. "Spencer..."

"Ryan! Stop! Stop it!" Clenching her fists, Fiona raised her voice as she trembled.

"What did you just say? Huh?!" Spencer's lips trembled. "Three years ago? Are you talking about what happened three years ago?"

"This is Fiona. She just arrived here today. Why don't you greet her?"

"I hope you and Fiona can get married as soon as possible."

"What do you want to do on a date, Fiona?"

"Let me teach you, Fiona..."



All these memories flashed in Spencer's mind—all of which had one common denominator: Fiona. Three years ago...


Slowly losing his consciousness, Spencer fell on the ground with a loud thump.

"Mr. Cheng! Mr. Cheng!"


"Call the doctor!"

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