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   Chapter 272 Am I Qualified To Be Your Father

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9686

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Shaking her head, the little girl stood at the door and asked sweetly, "Do you remember me?"

"I remember you, Sarah," Spencer added surprisedly

"May I come in?"

"Come in." When they were just talking about her, she came. "Why are you here?" he asked

Sarah pushed and opened the door with her hands behind her back and hopped in, "I come to see you."

When he raised his head, he saw the lollipops in his hands. When he was about to ask her what she was going to do, he was suddenly stunned. Then he rolled his eyes and asked innocently, "Is there anything hidden behind you?"

"Haha." With a proud smile, Sarah ran to the bed and took out two lollipops from her back. "Look! It's a lollipop! A strawberry one and a banana one. "

"Wow!" Spencer gave an exaggerated cry, "Sarah, you have so many lollipops!"

"I've got so much!" She raised her head proudly and gave the lollipop to Spencer, "Now I've given both to you."

"Thank you." He raised his hand to touch his hair.

"Because you are sick, I come here to see you." Sarah cast a glance at his leg and asked, "Does it hurt?"

"Not any more." He shook his head and suddenly asked, "Where is your mother?"

"She's eating."

"You came here alone?"

"I come with a lady." Sarah fumbled the bed and said carelessly, "I said I wanted to see Mr. Spencer, and she took me here. She was. She was the auntie who protected me when you fought with uncle George. "

Thinking of the fight last time, Spencer suddenly felt a little guilty. "Sarah, I'm sorry for what I did last time. I was so angry that I almost beat you," he apologized

"Yes?" Sarah snorted in doubt. She suddenly remembered something and pointed at Spencer, "Oh, you are bad! You want to hit me! Give me back the lollipop! "

He swallowed and withdrew his hand. "I apologize. Don't take the lollipop back."

"Then you can apologize!" Sarah pouted, "And you have to apologize to Uncle George. His leg is also injured. How could you fight with him?"

"George's leg is injured?" After a short pause, Spencer thought that he might have known it. Or maybe he knew George before?

"Are you Mr. Spencer?" Sarah suddenly approached him.

"Mr. Spencer?" Spencer was speechless and said, "I'm not Mr. Spencer."

"Then why did they call you Mr. Spencer?" Sarah asked curiously.

"Because," he scratched his head, "I don't know what to say. My name is Spencer Cheng anyway."

"Spencer Cheng!" Sarah whispered the name again and again.

Spencer suddenly thought of something and asked, "What about your name?"

"My name is Sarah!"

"I'm talking about your full name."

"Sarah Ye."

"Sarah Ye? !" Spencer was shocked. How could her surname be Ye? It seems that things are getting more and more complicated. 'Fiona, what's wrong with you on earth?

"Your father's surname is Ye?" He seemed to be very unsatisfied with the result.

"Of course n

urned red, but she didn't look back. "I forgot to tell you, Mr. Spencer. My superior has approved my application for leaving the base. I will leave after the military exercise. I think there won't be many chances to see me again then. Mr. Spencer, I hope everything is fine. "

Lying on Fiona's back, Sarah made faces at Spencer, but he was a little distracted.

It sounded like she was saying goodbye. Instead of giving a direct answer to his question, the implication in the words was clear.

"What did I do wrong?" Asked Spencer bitterly.

"Spencer, what do you want Fiona to think about?" George couldn't help but ask, "Do you force her to do anything again?"

"I warn you, keep away from Fiona! She's Ryan's!" Sophia chimed in.

"Stop it." Fiona was a little embarrassed. She took a few steps quickly with Sarah in her arms and said, "let's go! Let's go!"

Crack! Crack——

There was silence again in the room. Spencer thumped his fist angrily on the bed. It wasn't that he couldn't find a way to keep her, but this time, he didn't want to force her.

"Ouch, it's suffocating me." As soon as they walked out of the ward, Sophia shouted out, "What did Spencer mean by saying that? Fiona, what does he ask you to think about? "

"No, nothing." Fiona shook her head.

Ryan remained silent all the time, but his gaze on Fiona became more and more deep.

"Sophia, don't be fooled by Spencer anymore! I don't think he's the same as before. Even though he lost his memory, he's still so annoying! " Sophia could not restrain the unhappiness in her heart. "I really want to give him two punches!"

But instead of making any response, Fiona merely smiled bitterly.

Ryan walked behind them and quietly sent a message to someone.

"Speed up the launch event that I handed over to you last time. Don't delay it until the new product launch. I have to announce the designs in the launch event at the same time."

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