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   Chapter 271 th The Most Important Thing Is to Please Sarah

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10382

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It was sunny in CL Mountain. There was no earthquake or debris flow. Although the dead have passed away, tomorrow is a new hope for the living.

The rescue team of the NJ City base stayed in the CL Mountain region for ten days.

Spencer finally knew the role of Fiona. Every time someone was rescued, or lost a family member, or disabled, Fiona would always go to chat with them and guide them. Children especially like Fiona, because Fiona can draw, with a pen to scribble, each one, the children took the painting and left happily.

Because of his injured leg, Spencer didn't take part in the rescue work at the front, but was in charge of the command at the back. But most of the time, he stayed by Fiona's side in a daze. It was good to see her busy, to see her drawing quietly, and there was always a smile on the corner of her mouth.

The whole camp knew that Mr. Spencer was in love.

Ten days later, in the sunny day, the rescue team returned to the base one after another.


Spencer's mobile phone suddenly rang. He took it out and found that it was a message from Celine, who was abroad.

"Spencer, my application for returning home has been approved by the company. I can go back in mid September."

Spencer took a look at Fiona in the car and then reached out to reply to the message, "Okay, then come back." Come back and solve our problems.

At the gate of the NJ City base, there were already "Heroes" whose families were waiting for rescue. The colorful flags at the gate were flying, and everyone was looking forward to it.

"It's coming!" In the crowd, Sophia squeezed in the front. Seeing a car coming from afar, she shouted excitedly, "Fiona is back, Fiona is back!"

"Mommy!" Sarah in Sophia's arms also shouted excitedly.

"You hold Sarah, be careful!" George stood aside and tried his best to protect them.

Standing in front of Sophia, Ryan also blocked the crowd who were rushing forward. However, Ryan's face was a little gloomy. The thought that Spencer had been with Fiona for so many days made him unhappy.

Fiona was not used to seeing so many people waiting in the car.

"To be a hero, you should bear such an honor." Spencer said lightly, as if he could understand the surprise in Fiona's eyes. However, before the smile could be widened, through the window, he found the outstanding person standing outside the crowd at a glance. Ryan!

"Fiona! Fiona! Come down! " Sophia hadn't seen Fiona for a long time. She was so excited that she didn't know what to do. Holding Sarah's hand, she said, "Sarah, come with me and ask your mother to get off the car!"

"Mom! Get out of the car! " Sarah was overjoyed to learn from Sophia.

"I'll go to the front to pick up Fiona." Said Ryan, who had already crowded the crowd and walked towards Fiona.

The car slowly stopped. When Fiona saw Sophia and others not far away, her eyes lit up. She quickly opened the door and said, "Sophia! Sarah! "

However, the moment Fiona got out of the car, she was pushed by the crowd. As soon as her feet fell to the ground, she was still not able to stand s

use of Fiona? "

Spencer rolled his eyes and said nothing.

"Except for Fiona, you won't talk to me in such a helpless tone." Terence smiled and said, "You said you were upset, but in fact you were flustered?"

"Terence, you can set up a stall to tell fortune. Don't run a company!" Spencer was very angry because Terence got him on his mind.

"Ha ha..." After laughing for a long time, Terence asked him again, "What do you need me to do?"

"I want Fiona." Spencer opened his mouth and said only three words.

Terence was stunned, as if surprised, but also as if he had expected, "Are you sure?"

"Sure." Spencer held the phone in his hand and was determined to get it.

Terence curled his lips, he waited for Spencer say that for a long time. "Since you want Fiona, then grab it. With your ability, it's not easy to have a woman."

"That's easy for you to say." Spencer sneered, "Tell me what to do, you know."

"Then please Sarah! I can guarantee that as long as you can develop a good relationship with Sarah, Fiona will never run away. "

"Sarah?" Spencer thought for a while. The little girl was a little cute and annoying.

"Get ready to be a father of Sarah!"

When Terence's voice with a smile came, Spencer's heart suddenly jumped and his face turned red. He didn't know what was wrong with him. He suddenly wanted to be a father of a strange little daughter. He didn't reject it, but was a little moved and at a loss.

"I wish you success!" Terence added.

"You're telling me." Spencer was a little shy. When he looked up, he suddenly saw a figure outside the ward door. He said to the other end of the phone, "Let's not talk about it now!"

"Remember to check online how to get along with children!"

"I know. I know. You are so annoying! Hang up! " Spencer hung up the phone impatiently and there was someone knocking on the door.

Knock Knock——

"Come in."

"May I come in?" The door was opened gently, and a small head was exposed through the crack of the door. She stared at Spencer with clear eyes and smiled shyly.

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