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   Chapter 270 You Should Be Responsible For Me

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10180

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"Hey! What's wrong with you?" Fiona asked again, but her vision started spinning.

"I don't know either!" Spencer held Fiona in his arms and felt the heat from her body. With a frown, he exclaimed, "You do have a fever! It seems to be getting worse. We must get out of here as soon as possible."

His arms seemed to be a reliable harbor. All of her defenses were put down. She was terribly dizzy, with pain all over her body. She didn't want to move, but her reason was still there.

"We can't leave yet!" Fiona listened to the sound of water under her feet and pushed Spencer. "Let go of me!"

"No! Stop resisting." Spencer held Fiona tightly instead. "There is no one else around right now. I can do whatever I want. Do not provoke me."

"Ahem!" Fiona suddenly coughed. Her eyelids became heavier, but she chuckled and ignored the exaggerated threat. "Why isn't Robert here yet?"

"Don't worry. He should be here soon." Spencer held up Fiona's cold hands and rubbed them. With an anxious look, he said, "It will warm up a little.

It doesn't matter if Robert doesn't come." A determined expression painted Spencer's face. "You will be fine with me."

Fiona confusedly looked at Spencer, her eyes covered with a thin layer of mist. 'Spencer, why are you doing this all of a sudden? If you hadn't been too heartless before, I would have been cheated by you. I know you are in love with Celine, ' she thought to herself.

"Fiona!" Spencer suddenly revealed a stern expression. "After we get out of here, break up with Ryan."

Although Fiona's lips were a little pale, she said with a faint smile, "Are you ordering me?"

"Well, if you don't want to break up, think of it an order." Spencer held Fiona in his arms. "Look, I'm holding you, and I kissed you just now. We've already done what couples are meant to do. So you have to break up with Ryan."

"Then?" Fiona shrank and her eyelids grew heavy.

"Then stay with me." Spencer became complacent, with a beautiful arc at the corner of his mouth.

Fiona laughed, but bitterness became apparent in her smile. "What about Celine?"

Immediately, Spencer's smile froze. 'Yes. What about Celine?' he thought.

"Also, my Sarah." Fiona revealed a sad expression. "Are you willing to accept Sarah? You are going to be her..." She was unable to say the word "father."

Spencer's swallowed a lump in his throat, and his body stiffened.

"Fiona! Where are you?"


"Fiona, can you hear us?"

"Spencer! Spencer!"

Just then, voices of the search party echoed from above. The two looked at each other. Spencer raised his head and replied loudly, "We are here! Hey! Can you hear me? We are here!"

"That's Spencer's voice!" The rescue team on the mountain heard the sound. Immediately, they followed the source of the voice.

Robert rushed to the front. But when he saw the scene, it depressed him. On the thick tree, Fiona nestled in Spencer's arms. She looked like a quiet, lovely kitten. He held her in a posture like a lover who had been in love for a long

determination and concern. An unarmed woman in such a critical time was desperate to save you. Is this not what love is? Spencer, you must be happy. She must love you very much!"

After he recalled what they told him, Spencer looked at Fiona again and said, "They told me how determined you were to save me. If you don't care, why did you save me?" His heart was filled with mixed emotions. Deep inside, he was moved by her actions.

"It didn't mean anything! I just don't want you to die."

"Well, why don't you want me to die?" Spencer pressed with a sly smile.

"Because..." Fiona swallowed and hesitated. Then, she continued, "Because you are talented. You have something that can benefit society. Everyone needs you."

As soon as she finished, Spencer laughed loudly.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Don't you know?" Spencer felt that he hadn't smiled so heartlessly for a long time. "You're saying everyone needs me? Fiona, do you need me?" After that, without waiting for any response from Fiona, Spencer suddenly raised her chin and slowly drew her face closer. Every second she got closer to him, her breathing grew heavier.

"Fiona..." As soon as Spencer spoke, his voice became charming and husky. "I seem to be addicted to kissing you. Additionally, you saved my life. You should be responsible for me. Otherwise, I can't guarantee what I would do to you."

"Mr. Cheng! Are you there? Have some breakfast!" Karl's voice suddenly appeared outside the tent. Then as his voice echoed, he lifted the curtain of the tent.

He suddenly saw the situation in the tent. Immediately, his feet, mouth and body stiffened. 'My life's over. I interrupted Mr. Cheng!' Sure enough, the next second, Karl only saw Spencer's cold glare.

Fiona suddenly clapped away Spencer's hand holding her chin. "I'm going to have breakfast," she said in a stern voice to cover her panic.

"Well, eating is the most important thing." With a disdainful expression, Spencer snorted. "Bring the food here."

"Right away, Mr. Cheng!"

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