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   Chapter 269 th I Just Like You

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"Hmm..." The cold rain hit her face, and Fiona suddenly reacted. She was so anxious that she clenched her fists and beat Spencer hard, "Let go Hmm... "

Spencer was determined not to let go of Fiona. He pressed her down on the tree trunk, kissing her. Fiona, you provoked me first this time, which made me restless and made me unable to let you go Since you care so much about me, I will repay you in my own way.

"Damn it Well Let go of me... " Fiona's fist was caught by Spencer, and she really fell into an irresistible situation.

"Tut..." After a long time, Spencer contentedly let go of Fiona, but still stared at her.

Fiona's lips were a little red and swollen, and her face was even redder as if she was bleeding.

"You..." Fiona suddenly looked up at Spencer's burning eyes and hurriedly turned away, "Spencer! You are a bastard. You rascal! You How dare you... "

"How dare I?" Spencer chuckled and leaned his head forward again.

"Don't come over!" Fiona put her hands on Spencer's chest.

Boom - boom——

The flood roared again and the tree trunk swayed again.

"Ah --" Fiona cried out in fear. Her hands on his chest were changed into clothes to hold him.

"Nothing." Spencer held Fiona in his arms and smiled, "Sit down and keep your balance. You said you couldn't leave me. Why do you have to be strong? "

After saying that, he was not surprised to receive a big white eye from Fiona.

The two sat on the branch carefully. Fiona sniffed, but she didn't dare to look at Spencer. She just asked, "When will the flood stop? I don't know where Robert has gone. I don't know if he is okay. "

"You come with him?" Spencer asked, but touched his leg, "How does he take care of you? If you didn't meet me, what would you do? "

"I met you!" Fiona was very angry. "I met you You will only take advantage of me! "

"Oh?" Spencer gave an evil smile and said, "You are right. Now, there is no one but you and me. No one will know if I want to take advantage of you, right?"

"You Don't come over! " Fiona tightly grabbed the clothes on her chest and was about to move away from Spencer, but her hand accidentally touched his leg.

"Hiss..." Spencer took a deep breath of air and turned pale.

"What's wrong with you? !" Fiona was shocked. She looked at Spencer's leg and saw a big cut in his left leg. There was a long wound under his trousers, from knee to calf.

"You are injured!" Fiona frowned and was startled, "Are you all right? Spencer, why don't you say it? Are you okay? "

Spencer curled his mouth and said, "It's not a big deal."

"Let me have a look!" Fiona hurriedly squatted in front of him. When she was about to touch his trousers, her hand was suddenly pressed by Spencer. "What are you doing?" Fiona looked up and asked.

"What are you looking at? Don't look!" Looking at Fiona, Spencer teased, "You care so much about me, which makes me very burdened!"

"You don't have to." Fiona glared at Spencer, "I just don't want you to die. Don't think too much." As she spoke, she clapped Spencer's

htly because of the cold.

"Is it cold?" Spencer asked with concern and reached out to hold her.

"Don't touch me!" Fiona's face turned red with anger. "You Stay away from me! Otherwise, I will sue you for impoliteness! "

"Who are you going to tell in the wild?"

Fiona angrily turned her face away and said, "Spencer, I warn you, you were being rude just now! If you play with me again, I will be rude to you! If it weren't for the inconvenience now, I would have I will be rude to you. "

"I didn't play with you." Spencer's eyes suddenly became serious. "I'm also very demanding. I don't kiss ordinary women even if they want to. Fiona. " Spencer suddenly grabbed Fiona's hand and said, "I like you. I kissed you because I like you. "

I like you I like you

Fiona suddenly raised her head and looked at Spencer in disbelief, digesting his sudden confession. "Spencer, what you said is not funny at all."

"Do you think I'm joking?" Spencer was slightly annoyed.

Fiona smiled bitterly, "Mr. Spencer is a promising and charming young man. I'm just a single mother with a child. Do you think I can believe that you like me?" Fiona clenched her hands tightly. Spencer, I don't believe you said you like me. We two can't go back

"But I just like you." Spencer said firmly, "There is no way to fall in love."

"I, Achoo --" Fiona sneezed again and curled up more tightly.

Spencer frowned and touched Fiona's forehead without saying anything. He was surprised, "You have a fever?"

"Nothing." Fiona wiped her nose and shook her head, which began to faint. "It didn't matter, I fell ill when I was a child and had a fever as soon as I got wet."

"Fiona has a fever as soon as she gets wet in the rain..."

Damn memories suddenly appeared at this time, Spencer suddenly covered his chest, "My heart hurts..."

"What's wrong with you?" Fiona was shocked.

"Fiona..." Spencer suddenly choked with sobs. He didn't know what was wrong with him. He suddenly held Fiona tightly in his arms and said, "Fiona..."

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