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   Chapter 268 I Don't Want You To Die

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"It was here! I saved the child here."

As Fiona sat on the kayak along with a few rescuers, she saw the spot where Spencer had disappeared. The mountain road had been blocked by giant rocks, and yellow mud still flowed from the cracks between the stones. The trees in the mountain were all destroyed without any sign of life.

Fiona clenched her fists. A night had already passed. With his usual capabilities, Spencer could crawl his way out. But this time, he couldn't. Did something happen?

"Fiona, wait for us on the kayak. We will go find him," said Robert.

"No, I will go with you." Fiona shook her head firmly. "I've already come here, and I can't just sit and wait. I'm going to find him myself!"


Heavy rains fell again. The sun in the sky gradually dimmed as it got covered by dark clouds.

"It's raining again." Robert frowned. "Fiona..."

"Robert, you didn't stop me back at the camp. You can't stop me here neither. I must go up the mountain." Gritting her teeth, Fiona stood up first and held on the edge of the kayak to get off. Her movements were awkward, but her back looked firm.

Fiona stepped on the mud with one foot. When she was about to move her other foot, Robert supported her immediately.

"Be careful!" Robert helped her get off the kayak safely. "I'm not stopping you from going.

Why are you in such a hurry?" "Thank you."

Looking at Fiona's profile, Robert muttered suddenly, "Spencer means a lot to you."

Fiona was stunned for a while. "I just...I can't let him die like this."

Robert didn't say anything. Instead, he helped Fiona get off the boat and put on her raincoat. He carried a flashlight and a life detector in his hand. Several of the rescuers began to climb the mountain.



"Spencer, can you hear me?"

They shouted and tried to find him. But the forest was boundless and the rain was falling heavier. The flow of debris might break out again at any time.

Falling behind the crowd, Fiona had slipped and fallen many times. She was almost out of breath when she turned her head and saw a crack not far from her. Fiona frowned, but in the end she decided to take a look inside.

"Let's go there and have a look!" Robert shouted.

She was about to follow them, but once more she glanced at the crack again. Her instinct told her that she wouldn't feel at ease until didn't go to there to check. With this in mind, Fiona took a step to the crack and wiped the raindrops off her face.

"Spencer! Are you here, Spencer?" She walked and fumbled on her way to the edge of the crack where a crooked tree stood. She leaned out and looked down. The crack was three to four meters high, and beneath it was a river of boiling yellow mud.

Fiona couldn't see what the river courses on the shore looked like so she tightened her grip on the trunk and stretched out.


But in the second that followed, Fiona realized that she was stepping on an unstable rock. With a loud noise, the gro

trunk. She mustered all her strength and shouted, "Come on, Spencer! Get on the tree!"

Spencer nodded and jumped up the tree just a few moments before another wave hit.

"Are you okay?" Fiona asked. Spencer shook his head. The next second, the tree trunk shook violently.

Fiona was taken aback. If it weren't for the huge stone around it, the tree would have been swept away.

Spencer leaned on a branch, breathing heavily. Meanwhile, Fiona stood in front of him with her clenched fists. Adrenaline rush and a feeling of survival washed over them.

"Didn't I tell you to stay in the camp? Who let you come here?" he asked angrily.

Fiona twitched her mouth and felt a little aggrieved. With an expression like Sarah's, she mumbled, "They said you were missing."

He asked in surprise, "So that's why you are here?"

"Yes." Fiona nodded lightly. Without expecting it, tears fell from her eyes again. "You can't die. I can't let anything happen to you. They said you were missing so I had to come and look for you..."

Fiona cried so hard that she stopped speaking to breathe every now and then. Meanwhile, Spencer listened quietly with the corner of his mouth slightly cocked to the side. He listened to her explain how much she wanted to save him.

"See, I really found you!" Fiona sobbed. "I said I will definitely find you. I won't let you die. I... Mmmph..."

Before she could finish speaking, she was silenced by a passionate kiss. Stunned, Fiona froze and failed to react in any way. She did not push him away.

As they stood face to face, he leaned in and closed the gap between them. He lowered his face and pressed his cold lips against hers. Spencer held Fiona's face in his hands and fondled her cheeks with his fingertips. He wiped away her tears.

He had never been so emotionally affected by anyone, except for Fiona.

Flood surged under the tree and rain kept falling from the dark sky. But with the two of them intertwined, the chaos didn't seem to matter.

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