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   Chapter 264 Give Sarah Back

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"Aunt Ruby, I don't need to have an injection anymore!" Sarah announced triumphantly just as Ruby entered.

"Why won't you need an injection?" Ruby was surprised at this news. So she turned towards the nurse and asked, "Is Sarah all better now?"

The nursed nodded her head. "Yeah! But even though she is doing much better, we need to give her two more injections to stabilize her condition. However, this man..." The nurse indicated towards Spencer but restrained herself from saying out anything loud.

"I asked her not to." Spencer held Sarah in his arms. He was stiffly standing at one place scared that he might break Sarah's bones with the slightest of the movements. Sarah was probably the smallest thing that he ever touched!


"If she is well, why does she need an injection?" Spencer said, wrinkling his brows. "Don't you feel bad after hearing her cry that hysterically? If it is possible, give her some medicine instead. Can you do that?" This time he looked at the nurse and asked again, "What do you say? Is it okay for her to take some medicine?"

"Yes, it will do if she takes medicine."

"Great then. It is settled she will have the medicine." Spencer made the decision.

"Okay fine, take it then." Ruby agreed. She too did not want Sarah to suffer from any kind of unease. She too would be happy if the injection could be done away with. But what surprised her was that Spencer stood there to defend Sarah. She was not expecting that.

"Yeah! Great! No more injections!" Sarah's glistening smile was visible through the pool of tears.

Her smile made Spencer warm from within strangely. He dotingly said, "Even though you do not need to take injection anymore, you must take your medicine without any complaint. Otherwise, you will fall sick again. You understand me, right?"

"Yes, promise!" Sarah agreed without a word. "Who are you? You are the best!"

This made Spencer happy. So he raised his head in pride and said, "Of course I am the best! I am the best man in this whole world!"

"Does that mean you are better than my mother?" Sarah asked carefully.

"Humph!" Spencer scoffed. "Obviously! I am definitely better than her!"

"Then, perhaps you can ask Mommy to give me candies?" Sarah tried to make the best use of this sudden opportunity.

"Candies!" He cast sideways glance at the snacks Terence had brought in. He quickly took out a huge lollipop and handed it to Sarah. "Here you go, baby!"

"Yay, thank you so much!" She giggled with happiness.

Terence lightly tapped on Ruby's shoulder and walked out of the ward silently.

"Sarah is Spencer's child, isn't it?" Terence asked even though he sounded like he knew the answer.

"You should not be asking such a question now that you are smart enough to know the answer." Ruby's reply confirmed Terence's suspicion.

"I did feel that things were not right three years ago. How come Fiona would carry another man's child?" Terence rested his left hand on the side of his waist. "I refused to believe him when Spencer said it. It left me so confused. What we just saw proves everything. Did you see how well the father and daughter get along with each other?"

"Yeah, I noticed that too!" Ruby felt really helpless. "Spencer is so unfortunate! Everyone knows the truth but him. What if we tell him the truth? Would that mess things up?"

"I have observed that recently he could remember a lot of things. Why don'

to kiss Fiona on her lips. Fiona gave in.

The door to the ward opened.


"Fiona..." Spencer stood at the door completely frozen. He was flabbergasted to see that the two people were kissing. His smile was replaced by a cold expressionless look.

Fiona's and Ryan's faces created the perfect profile together.

Spencer was immensely angry. The whole ward resonated with the uncomfortable silence. He almost whispered, "Well, do you still want to continue kissing or are you thinking of stopping?"

Fiona pushed Ryan away in a state of panic. She tried to avoid looking at Spencer.

Ryan stood straight and tall. Spencer could not intimidate him. A trace of jealousy and ruthlessness could be seen in Spencer's eyes. 'Does he insist on wooing Fiona even if he has lost his memories?' Ryan thought.

"So your plan is to leave this burden with me and enjoy dating another man?" "Do you think I am a fool, Fiona, waiting for you to use me?" Spencer roared through his teeth.

"Give me Sarah!" Fiona said.

"Of course, I will definitely give her to you!" Spencer creased his forehead and looked enraged. He threw Sarah like a handball.

"Sarah!" Fiona shouted in horror.

"What?" Sarah screamed in excitement as she was tossed in the air. She found it amusing.

"Sarah." Ryan swiftly stepped forward and caught Sarah right in time. He looked flushed. "Sarah, are you alright?"

Sarah giggled. "That was fun!"

Fiona breathed a sigh of relief. Her child was saved. She felt as if life came back to her body.


Spencer slammed the door shut with such force that the whole room shook.

Fiona narrowed her eyes and said, "In two months, he will be out of the scene completely." The way Spencer treated Fiona made Fiona hate him to the core.

When Spencer was walking forward, his phone rang. His eyes were bloodshot due to the lack of sleep. But he didn't realize that. He quickly answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Spencer!" There was a sweet voice on the other side of the phone.

He was startled. "Celine? Isn't it midnight there? Why are you still awake now?"

"I have a piece of great news to give and could not sleep until I let you know."

"What is it?"

"Well, I will be back next month! Not later than that! Are you happy to hear this?"

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