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   Chapter 261 Is He Confessing To Her

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10031

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Spencer's heart was bouncing wildly in his chest and the palpitation almost made her want to cry.


"Don't say anything!" Suddenly, he interrupted her coldly.

"Let me go." Fiona turned her face away. Her eyes were slightly red, but the warmth in her heart just disappeared. She was injured like this, but he still seemed to be going to beat her. She had done nothing wrong!

"Let you go? Let go of you and you crawl to the infirmary? !" Shouted Spencer.

"It's none of your business!"

"Yes, it's none of my business! How dare you jump on her shoulder at such a high place! " As he walked, he spoke. Because of anger, his chest rose and fell. "This is the base. You can easily find a person without much effort. Do you need to be brave?"

Fiona was so angry that she struggled in his arms. "Let go of me! Stay out of my business! I don't care if I pretend to be strong or if I fall to death, you don't have to care about me! I don't need you to belittle me here. "

Spencer held her arm more tightly and said, "I just care about you! Can't you understand? "

As soon as he finished his words, both of them were stunned.

Fiona stared at him, her eyes full of self mockery. He care about her? 'He said he cared about me when he lost his memory?

"What, what are you looking at?" He frowned and sped up, trying to cover his uneasiness.

In the infirmary, when Fiona was carried to the hospital bed, her ankle was as swollen as bun's. When the doctor dealt with the wound for Fiona, she was trembling with pain, and her lips were pale. But she didn't groan for pain.

"If you feel painful, just scream out." Clenching his fists, Spencer didn't know how to comfort her. If it was himself or his men who got hurt, he would not care about it. It was not a big deal. But it was Fiona who got hurt. Why was he in a totally different mood? He had seen clearly that Crystal's shoulder was twisted for no reason, so Fiona lost control and fell down. The moment she fell down, he even wanted to get rid of Crystal.

But Fiona ignored his comfort. She had gone through something more painful than this. Such injuries were not worth her crying, because the man in front of her had made her shed too much tears.

"Luckily her foot was not broken, but she's badly hurt. She won't be able to get out of bed for half a month." As the doctor spoke out the final check-up result, he added, "I'm still going to plaster your feet. Otherwise, it may be hurt accidentally."

"Okay." Spencer nodded.

"Fiona! How is Fiona? " As she was speaking, there suddenly came the anxious voice of George outside the door. The next second, he rushed into the clinic and rushed to the bed when he saw Fiona's ankles that were wrapped like traditional Chinese rice pudding. "How are you feeling? Are you still uncomfortable? Are you scared? "

Fiona shook her head and said, "George, I'm fine. It was just an accident."

Feeling sorry for Fiona, George touched her hair, stood up and said to Spe

s it available in the market? "

"Got off." Then he added, "It was produced three years ago. But it is different from the necklace around my neck. Celine said that the necklace on my neck was original and we put it on the market after some modification."

Hearing that, Fiona suddenly sneered. "If you want to recall the romantic relationship between you and designer Celine, I don't think I am a good listener. I'm sleepy and want to have a rest. Mr. Spencer, go talk to someone else!"

"Wait!" All of a sudden, he grabbed her hand and stared at her. "I'm not going to talk about this," he responded

"Mr. Spencer, what else do you want to say?" "Let me go first," she demanded, frowning

"No, I won't. I want to say... " All of a sudden, Spencer became a little nervous and blurted out, "I mean, I used to value the necklace more than my life, but you once threw it away. I really don't have the heart to blame you, Fiona I... "

Such a hesitant tone, such a nervous expression

Suddenly, something occurred to her. Fiona remembered that Spencer had told her how much he loved her a long time ago. With her mouth slightly open, she wondered, 'Is he going to confess his love to me?'! Should I confess my love to her? '?

"I... I like..."

At that moment, someone's phone rang——

At this critical moment, the phone that Fiona put on the bedside table suddenly rang. She breathed a sigh of relief.

However, Spencer beat his leg angrily. 'Damn it! It's late at night! Who called Fiona and ruined my plans?'.

"Hello? Ruby? Why are you calling so late? "

"Fiona, come back home quickly. Sarah had a high fever and was sent to the hospital!" Ruby said anxiously.

"What? !" Shocked, Fiona replied with trembling fingers, "Which hospital? I'm on my way!"

'Sarah? When he heard the noise, Spencer frowned and saw that Fiona was going to rush out of the bed.

"What are you doing?" But he quickly grabbed Fiona.

"I'm going to the hospital. I My daughter has a fever! "

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