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   Chapter 251 I'll Take You To Swim Back

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Since they parted that day, they had no communication. In the daytime, since Fiona had nothing to do, she took out an album from time to time to paint and write. Sometimes, she would go to cook with the chef team. However, when the crowd looked at her and Spencer, there was always a hint of ambiguity.

The sound from the beach was loud and clear. It had been five days, and Spencer had led a group of people to adjust to the hot sun to do adaptive training. They scrambled to land on the ground, reached the beach defense The female members almost had a breakdown under the pressure training of Spencer. Although they still insisted, they were more or less complaining in their hearts.

Spencer had been accompanying the training, rushing at the front no matter what happened. It seemed that he was crazy.

"How's Sarah recently?" After lunch that day, Fiona called Ruby.

"Sarah is good these days. She is having fun with the children from the orphanage."

"That's good." Fiona nodded quietly. "I'm on a training outside this week and I can't go back. Ruby, I have to bother you for another week."

"Fiona, what else are you polite to me." Ruby sighed and said, "All you need to do is to take good care of yourself. I was afraid that you might be too tired. "

"I'm fine." Fiona replied with a slight smile.

"But Sarah asks you when you can come back from time to time. Although she's a good girl, she still makes a scene before she goes to sleep."

"Thank you so much, Ruby." It made Fiona's heart ache to hear that.

"I'm not complaining to you. You know how much I love home Sarah." Said Ruby. She signed again, "I just think you can't go on like this. Sarah just has you as a family member. If you don't spare more time to be with her, how poor she is!"

"I know." "It won't take a long time," Fiona said, biting her lips Soon, she would leave

"Well, Fiona," Ruby wanted to say something, but finally she got the chance to ask, "Since Sarah is already a child, you can't live with her like this for the rest of your life, can you? The Cheng family Don't you ever think about finding Mr. Spencer again? "

Fiona's heart seemed to have been sliced by a knife. As she raised her head, she just saw the tall and strong Spencer. "Something has passed, I hope I can never see him again."


"Miss Fiona! Come here! "

Before Ruby could say more, Fiona saw that Janice was waving her hand to call her. She quickly said on the phone, "Ruby, I have something to do, let's call you later."

"Well, go ahead!" Ruby sighed as the phone was cut off. The other day, Ethan had told her everything about Spencer. It turned out that Spencer had lost his memory and had been recuperating abroad. He had just returned home a year ago. Three years ago, the Cheng family was hit hard for a while. Wayne and Spencer had an accident almost at the same time. The Cheng family only relied on Ethan to deal with it. He couldn't go back to find Fiona. He didn't want her to be involved in more official businesses. Moreover, before the accident, Spencer had divorced with Fiona.

So Ethan had been waiting for Spencer to come back to find Fiona and the new members of the Cheng family w

ers return place, Fiona saw a female member lying on Spencer's shoulder. He was swimming back to the shore with her. That female member even had a shy smile on her face

"Drillmaster!" The yacht came to a halt in front of them. The doctor asked, "Is she injured?"

When Spencer raised his head, he found that it was Fiona who was looking at him coldly. Such eyes made him feel fidgety.

"She didn't get hurt and just felt a little uncomfortable." Then he turned to Crystal, "Comrade Crystal, take the yacht and go back."

"No, I don't want to!" Crystal moved away from Spencer and said, "Mr. Spencer, if you feel tired, I can swim back on my own! It's a shame to go back by yacht! "

"If you are not feeling well, you should go back with us." Fiona said flatly, "Is shame more important than life? Don't be childish. No one will laugh at you. "

"Miss Fiona, I won't go back! Just leave me alone! "

Inexplicably, Fiona felt a little bit hostile when Crystal spoke to her.

"Miss Fiona, since Crystal thinks she can swim back, you'd better not persuade her." "People like you who work in literature and art wouldn't understand our feelings." Spencer opened his mouth to speak for her.

Fiona narrowed her eyes and felt suffocated. "That's my meddling. Mr. Spencer and Crystal, please keep going."

"Then..." The doctor immediately eased the tension. "If there is nothing else, we will go back first."

"Yes." Spencer replied, but his eyes were fixed on Fiona.


The yacht turned and raised waves, heading towards the shore.

Crystal slightly and imperceptibly hooked the corners of her mouth, looked at Spencer and had a little more worship and adoration in her eyes.

"Ma'am, let's swim back." Crystal asked.

"Yes." Looking at the disappearing figure, Spencer nodded.


"Fiona is your instructor and your leader. As a member of the team, you must obey the orders without any hesitation. From now on, I don't want to hear you talk back to her. I don't want to see you ignore her words. " He interrupted Crystal suddenly.

"…… Yes. " Crystal's face suddenly darkened behind Spencer.

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