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   Chapter 250 Please Get Away From Me

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 9832

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Time seemed to stand still, and air also stopped flowing. It was so quiet in the tent that the sound of their breaths could be clearly heard.

The 'watch out' that Spencer had just called and before Fiona fell down, they both caught the attention of the team members in the base. Several soldiers on patrol on the beach rushed over, following them. The female soldiers in the tents nearby also heard the sound. They put on their clothes and rushed over here.

"Are you okay, Miss Fiona?"

"What's wrong with the drillmaster?"

"What happened?"

A group of people rushed to the tent of the kitchen and blocked the door. When they saw the scene in the tent, the worried look on their faces turned into surprise, shock, and then embarrassment, flushed

In the tent, Fiona was lying on top of Spencer, and Spencer was lying on the ground with his hands around her waist. More importantly, they were still kissing.

What were they going to do?

It all happened in such a short time. During this period of time, Fiona seemed to forget to stand up as if she was rooted in the spot. It was not until someone in the crowd took a deep breath that she opened her eyes suddenly and left from Spencer as if she got an electric shock.

Fiona stared at him with frightened eyes. She supported herself with her hands and tried to get up. Unexpectedly, she felt his arm that was around her waist. She roared, "Bastard! Get off me, Spencer! Let go of me! "

Spencer was surprised and reflexively raised his hand in surrender. Because he was too shocked, he did not sense anything unusual when he heard the word 'Spencer' which was called by Fiona. He was too shocked to say a word

Fiona climbed up quickly from his body, flushed with rage and embarrassment. She lowered her head and suddenly squeezed out the tent from the middle of the group

"Where are you going, Miss Fiona?"

"Slow down, Miss Fiona!"

With concern, several female team members were about to catch up with Fiona, but she shouted, "Don't come over! Stop! " Then she ran into her tent without looking back.

On the other side, Spencer got to his feet with one hand supporting the ground with the other. Was he out of his mind just now? Subconsciously, he knew that if he didn't hold her, she would fall on him. But he didn't stop this. Instead, he looked forward to it.

He raised his hand to touch his lips in a daze. It seemed that the taste of her lips still remained, faint fragrance, not the strong taste of cosmetics, but only made him intoxicated and have an indescribable feeling.

"Mr. Spencer! Did you bully Fiona? !" Standing in the crowd and looking at the smug smile on Spencer's face, Janice couldn't help but walk up and angry.

"Exactly! He is! "

"You're taking advantage of our instructor!"

"I didn't expect a drillmaster to be such a person!"

A group of female soldiers pouted as they narrowed their encirclement. They were so angry wit


He knew it was an accident, but he just couldn't let it go! Last night, he tossed and turned in bed, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he could see that Fiona fall onto his body and they kissed. And the moment he closed his eyes, he felt that they were so close. He didn't know what was wrong with him. He just hoped that she could look at him with all her eyes

"I just want you to be obedient." The arrogance on his face faded a little, but he kept his fierceness in order not to show his timidity.

"How am I supposed to listen to you?" "You asked me to get up and cook for you, and I did it for you. You asked me to follow your orders before the drill exercise, I also promise you. Please, stay away from me! "

The roar of the waves did not stop her. The disgust in her eyes was seen clearly by Spencer.

"You hate me?" Spencer asked gently. He didn't know the wound in his eyes.

"Yes! I hate you! I hate you! " Clenching her fists, she sneered, "Even if you are my leader, so what! I hate those who make trouble for me the most! Why are you picking on me? I don't think I did anything wrong. If you think I didn't do well enough, you can ask me to leave Besides, please forget what happened last night. I don't want my boyfriend to misunderstand us. "

After she finished speaking, Spencer's body was stiff. He looked at Fiona, who was wearing a hedgehog's look and kept him out of the door. His eyes darkened.

"Okay, I'm just afraid that my girlfriend might misunderstand us!" He said through gritted teeth, "Don't show off in front of me again!"

"…… Okay. " As if not noticing how angry Spencer had managed to control, Fiona agreed without any hesitation. She bowed to him and said, "Mr. Spencer, I'm leaving now." She couldn't wait to leave.

The footsteps of Fiona were getting farther and farther away. Then, Spencer raised his foot and kicked to the soft sand. However, his anger inside him could not be appeased at all.

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