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   Chapter 249 He Likes Her So Fast

Sealed With Love By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10460

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Fiona opened her sleepy eyes, quickly sat up and opened the tent. However, before her body was completely exposed, a dark shadow in front of her blocked the bright moonlight.

"Why are you so late, Fiona? !" Spencer then snorted, "If they gather together in a hurry, you will definitely be the last one!"

"Spencer... Mr. Spencer? " With a frown, Fiona struggled to her feet and asked, "Are you here for me? What's up? "

Spencer's chest rose and fell as he spoke. He was short of breath. He put his hand on the tent that was located by Fiona and squinted at her. "Of course I have something to tell you."

Since Fiona was trapped between her tent and Spencer, she would get close to him if she wanted to stand up. However, she got annoyed and pushed him away immediately. "Get out of the way. If you have something to say, you don't have to be so close to my tent."

Spencer didn't expect that he would be pushed away by Fiona, he turned to one side and stepped back with disdain. "If I call you from afar, can you hear me?"

"Then why did you call me?" Fiona said, smoothing out her hair.

It was until then that he recognized Fiona carefully. Her face looked even more gentle in the moonlight. Her hair looked exceptionally soft, making people feel He couldn't help but want to touch her face. The first time he saw her, he thought she was so beautiful, so beautiful that he couldn't help admiring her. But tonight, he felt at ease with to be with her.

"Mr. Spencer, why are you so quiet?" Fiona stared at him strangely.

"Well Ahem... " Then he covered his mouth, coughed, and pretended to be ferocious. He said, "Your hair is too long. Who allowed you to have it over your shoulders?"

Fiona touched her hair and replied, "It's our leader's permission."

"Which leader has such prestige to allow you to disobey the rules?" Said Spencer coldly.

"Mr. Spencer, do you wake me up at midnight to talk about my hair with me?" Taking a slight glance at him and looking at the sea in the distance, Fiona said, "If there is nothing important, I want to go back to sleep. Mr. Spencer, good night! "

"Sleep! Sleep! Why do you want to sleep?! I haven't eaten yet! " Spencer growled and lowered his voice.

Fiona looked at Spencer. It had been four or five hours since the dinner time had passed. But he still hadn't eaten anything?

"Why didn't you have dinner? Where did you go?" Fiona asked.

"It's none of your business!" Spencer said angrily, "I can do anything I want! Now, go and cook for me! "

"For what?" Raising her head slightly, Fiona said, "There are some leftovers tonight. You can eat by yourself."

"I said I don't want any radishes!" However, Spencer could do nothing with this stubborn girl and had to say, "It was you who asked the cook team to make this stupid carrots banquet. Of course you should take the responsibility if anything happened! It's late now. Do you still want me to ask the cooking class here? And as I said, you have to obey my orders two months before the exercise. So now, go and cook for me! This is an order! "

Caught off guard, Fiona paused and saluted, "Yes,

her eyes.

Spencer was starving, completely ignoring her. Because it was enough for him to know only if she was there.

"Fiona, I..."

After ten minutes, he finished his dinner. Suddenly, he stopped. Following the direction where Fiona was, he found that she had fallen asleep with her hands propped on the table. Her head drooped, adding to her composure and adoration.

Bang! Bang! Bang

In the tranquil tent, Spencer heard his heart beating faster and faster. The uncontrollable beating rate made him a little nervous. 'What's wrong with me? It has only been three days. Do I feel something about Fiona?' he wondered.

Spencer was shocked by his own thoughts. His eyes were wide open. When he was about to look away, he suddenly saw that since Fiona was asleep, her body fell to the side uncontrollably.

"Watch out!" And meanwhile, he rushed to her and held her head with one hand. That was quite dangerous! One more minute later, Fiona may fall.

While he was speaking, Fiona quivered. With her eyelashes fluttering, she opened her eyes and subconsciously grabbed Spencer's clothes.

"How is it going? Are you frightened? " Spencer didn't realize how concerned he had been.

Fiona raised her head and happened to look at Spencer. Suddenly she felt the temperature of his hand on her face. She was frightened and quickly released her hand. She slapped away Spencer and then stood up in embarrassment. "Get out of the way!"

While saying, she tried to squeeze through the table and leave him.

However, she strode forward without noticing the desk leg stretched out. She was about to get tripped.

"Ah --"

The next second, Fiona exclaimed, her hands ready to fall to the ground.

Spencer rushed to her and held her shoulders quickly. He was just about to hold Fiona so she wouldn't fall, but his brain was blank and his body relaxed.


The moment they fell to the ground, Fiona clearly realized that her feelings for him were as much as they had been.

Her lips were so soft! This was the only clear sentence left in Spencer's muddled head.

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